Carp Hints and Tips

Carp Fishing – Going Afloat Part 1- By Sam Meeuwissen

London to Birmingham is an hour and a half by car, 1 hour by train and 2 weeks by boat. The latter being by far the best way to travel in my opinion, it's more fun and you get to soak in the sights whilst drifting lazily along. Boats have been a part of [...]

Carp Fishing – Canal Carping – By Lewis Baldwin

Spring is finally here and for me that generally means one thing, it’s time to start targeting the population of canal carp that inhabit the Midlands canal network. Don’t get me wrong winter is a great time to be canal carping as a good friend of mine has been proving recently, but with pike [...]

Carp Fishing – Watercraft – By Nick Burrage

Have you ever wondered why carp prefer to sit at a certain depth? Or even why they would be at one end of the lake or the other? Understanding what makes a carp tick takes effort. For instance, I’ve been reading the water temperatures for years now across all the seasons and a picture [...]

Carp Fishing – Speed Fishing – By Luke Church

As I have progressed through my angling career, I have learnt so much along the way, which has certainly helped me become more of a successful angler. With spring just around the corner the carp starting to wake up after another winter. To try and help you catch more this spring, I thought it [...]

Carp Fishing – Winter Thoughts – By Tony Welch

With winter here and temperatures dropping rapidly, many anglers will be looking at their tactics and thinking about cold water baits and fining down their rigs ready for those tricky cold water carp. So, with thoughts of a winter jet black mirror in the folds of my landing net I thought I’d write a short [...]

Carp Fishing – Perfecting a Rig – By Nick Burrage

It can take years of personal findings to perfect a rig, but with all the rigs shown in magazines or websites for you to try, I have noticed there’s always something missing… You’re own confidence and understanding! I’m going to take you through my findings from over the years, I will try my best to [...]

Carp Fishing – My Favourite Rig – By Calum Kletta

I am not an angler that spends sleepless nights over minute changes that I could make to my rigs, I would much rather they are simple and effective. For this reason, my favourite rig is the snowman rig, with a few little tweaks that separate it from a bog-standard snowman rig, and make it work [...]

Carp Fishing – A Spot Within A Spot – By Ian Lewis

In my experience there is nothing better than donning the waders, coupled with a prodding stick and venturing into the wet stuff analysing viable spots on the lake bed in which to present a bait on to start priming for later sessions to create a feeding spot. Having a long handle rake is helpful to [...]

Carp Fishing – My Take On Chod Rigs – Mark Casper

Mark Casper is without doubt a hugely successful big fish angler. He has an enviable track record when it comes to big carp captures from some of the most prestigious waters in the South East of England. From low stock inland sea’s to highly pressured big fish circuit waters, he has an uncanny knack for [...]

Guide to Hooks – Part 1

Just look through any magazine or catalogue and you’ll find a dizzying array of hook patterns available – some of which are designed for specific purposes and some that are based on general fundamental principles that offer good mechanics with a wider range of rig applications. The hook that you choose for a certain application [...]

Super Singles by Ricky Thomas

Cool water carp fishing can be challenging in comparison to other seasons. The fish are generally grouped up in numbers, meaning location becomes even more important in the early spring months. With very few shows or signs of fish, location can become difficult and this is where a mobile approach using very little bait can [...]

End Tackle According To… Mike Willmott

NAME: Mike Willmott EXPERIENCE: Just the 40-years! FAVOURITE LAKE: Springwood Pool ALL-TIME BEST BAIT: Easy - B5 MY NUMBER ONE RIG IS: The one that catches my next carp! WEIRDEST THING YOU’VE SEEN A CARP DO? Leap out and try to head butt me whilst hanging just above the lake surface from a tree over [...]

A Spring in the Right Direction by Chewy French

Well, I think it's fair to say it's been somewhat wet this winter for this country, with so many floods and even certain fisheries closing due to unsafe access to swims and their banks simply underwater. The one good thing has been that due to all the mild Atlantic wind pushing into us it has [...]

A Guide to Gardner Tackle Copolymer Main lines by Lewis Read

We often get asked what the differences between the different copolymer mainlines that we sell, so we thought it was high time that we offered you a little guidance on the key differences between our three carp focused mainlines; Pro, Hydro Tuff and GT80+ mainlines. I think it’s fair to say that Gardner has always [...]

Paranoiac presentation by Lewis Read

Despite a lot of rhetoric, it sometimes seems blatantly apparent that a lot of anglers and writers out there don’t realise the importance of the reaction speed of their rig and what is going on inside the fish’s mouth in the moment of the hook point taking its initial tentative purchase. Watch the fish’s split [...]

End Tackle According To…Paul Hatton

NAME: Paul Hatton. EXPERIENCE: I cut my teeth on hard waters such as Redesmere in Cheshire but I simply enjoy catching good looking carp, they don’t have to be huge. I have fished lots of different waters in the twenty years I’ve been carping, I am now confident in my approach and I can adapt [...]

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