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Carp Fishing – Forever Learning – By Nick Burrage

I arrived at my syndicate water early last Wednesday morning and after a quick walk round, it was very noticeable where the carp were held up. The groups of fish had started to get bigger and bigger and this could only mean one thing with the water temperature still rising that spawning time was [...]

Carp Fishing – A Trip To Madagascar – By Nick Burrage

After driving to Norfolk to meet up with my good friend Rob from Carp Fishing Trips, we were soon making the five hour journey through France. We were booked on a 74 acre lake known as Madagascar. It’s a lovely picturesque venue with islands, lily pads and shallow bars – a real carp paradise [...]

Carp Fishing – Watercraft – By Nick Burrage

Have you ever wondered why carp prefer to sit at a certain depth? Or even why they would be at one end of the lake or the other? Understanding what makes a carp tick takes effort. For instance, I’ve been reading the water temperatures for years now across all the seasons and a picture [...]

Carp Fishing – Cold Water Carping Part 8 – By Nick Burrage

This next session turned into a learning curve for me. After nearly 40 years of being out on the bank, there’s always a surprise or two that springs up and a new trick or two to be learnt! Frozen Lakes! I’d been busting a gut to get a couple of nights on the bank (I [...]

Carp Fishing – Cold Water Carping Part 7 – By Nick Burrage

It’s been a busy month so far, but I have managed to wet a line on two separate occasions. After my last couple of sessions at my syndicate water, where they really gave me the run around, I was determined to get a step ahead of the carp. Well I couldn’t cope with moving every [...]

Carp Fishing – Cold Water Carping Part 6 – By Nick Burrage

My very next session started off after a trip to the dentist. Luckily it was nothing serious, but after a few missed appointments due to last minute trips to France I daren’t miss another one! So after a very late start I pulled up to the lake in the dark; not ideal but I know [...]

Carp Fishing – Cold Water Carping Part 5 – By Nick Burrage

Being well into December I’m just waiting for my first blank of the season to come and visit me. I’ve been very lucky this year, with multiple catches on most sessions and some stunning fish to boot! However, with the icy cold winds and a few frosts becoming the norm now, I have been watching [...]

Carp Fishing – Cold Water Carping Part 4 – By Nick Burrage

I arrived at an ice cold and windswept lake, it was quite noticeable that the air temperature had dropped by a good few degrees. With the wind-chill factor decreasing temperatures even further, I had a good feeling the carp would be somewhere on the back of the wind. I had a good look around, but [...]

Carp Fishing – Perfecting a Rig – By Nick Burrage

It can take years of personal findings to perfect a rig, but with all the rigs shown in magazines or websites for you to try, I have noticed there’s always something missing… You’re own confidence and understanding! I’m going to take you through my findings from over the years, I will try my best to [...]

Carp Fishing – Cold Water Carping Part 3 – By Nick Burrage

After the last trip to my syndicate water, I had a normal week at home catching up with some work, along with the dreaded job of drying my gear out and making ready for my next adventure on the bank. After several late nights and early mornings playing catch up with this and that, I’d [...]

Carp Fishing – Cold Water Carping Part 2 – By Nick Burrage

With the cold wind pushing into my previous swim, this wasn't where the carp wanted to be really or me for that matter, but it goes to show what angling pressure will do to a carp's habits on a lake! The Rods went out first with a sneaky approach of stringers and bags, with a [...]

Carp Fishing – Cold Water Carping Part 1 – By Nick Burrage

As we roll into the middle of November I often see the lakes thinning out slightly at this time of the year (greenery and fewer anglers) with a lot less happy go lucky anglers and a few more hardened faces appearing. You know the ones I mean, the anglers that have braved the cold weather [...]

Carp Fishing – A Visit to Le Queroy – By Nick Burrage

After enjoying a mega trip to Le Queroy last year, I was sure I wouldn’t be able to beat the result. This year I went with a more relaxed approach of enjoying myself and trying to get a few bites throughout the week. After a ferry trip lasting seven hours in one of the most [...]

Carp Fishing – A Weekend of Sweets, Crisps and Fizzy Pop – By Nick Burrage

My youngest daughter Lucy was itching to do a few nights out on the bank, so I picked her up straight from school and we made the 3 hour drive to my syndicate water. As it was a Friday, it was no surprise when we arrived to be greeted by an almost full lake. With [...]

Carp Fishing – Four Thirties in Thirteen Fish Hit – By Nick Burrage

With a three day session ahead of me, I made sure to have a good look around the lake before deciding what swim to settle on. As the sun began to make an appearance, the carp started to show at the very top end of the lake. Not wanting to waste any time, I grabbed [...]

Carp Fishing – A Man On A Mission – by Nick Burrage

After a leisurely drive from the ‘Fishing With The Stars’ event at Linear Fisheries; getting stuck in the odd traffic jam and a quick burger stop, I soon made it to the syndicate water and with a big smile on my face. Pulling into the car park it was soon evident I had the lake [...]

Carp Fishing – Creeping up on a Margin Monster – By Nick Burrage

Margin fishing and stalking alike has always been a big passion of mine, even from the early days in my carping carer. I would often use paste baits to outwit my quarry, only being able to fish a few yards from the bank. This was more due to the soft bait really; but with that [...]

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