Carp Fishing – A Trip To Madagascar – By Nick Burrage

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Carp Fishing – A Trip To Madagascar – By Nick Burrage

After driving to Norfolk to meet up with my good friend Rob from Carp Fishing Trips, we were soon making the five hour journey through France. We were booked on a 74 acre lake known as Madagascar. It’s a lovely picturesque venue with islands, lily pads and shallow bars – a real carp paradise if ever I saw one!

After having a good walk around I chose a swim at the far end of the lake. A lot of the fish were showing along the reed lined margins, which meant wading would be essential. After getting setup, it soon dawned on me that I had left my chest waders back at home in Norfolk, so I settled for using my crocks for positioning the rigs and landing each fish.

Bites didn’t seem hard to come by and after several days I had landed some lovely carp. Most were around the mid twenty bracket and gave a great account of themselves. After two days and nights of the constantly wading in cold water, it really started to wear me down. I had very little chance to warm my toes (which were turning a nice shade of blue) and a trip to a local shop saw me modelling some new rubber chest waders.

Without any bigger bait’s than 12mm Trigga with me, I had to think outside the box a little more if I wanted to get through to some of the lakes lager residents. First step was to lengthen the hair, creating a larger gap between the hook point and hook bait. This worked a treat and even if I did get the odd aborted take from the smaller fish, the average size of the fish landed increased. Instead of landing fish between 18lb-25lb, most fish were ranging between 25lb-30lb plus.

The fish seemed to drift off half way through the week, so after a move of swims I managed to stay on the fish and keep the action coming. Rig wise I settled on a standard blow-back rig tied with 20lb Trickster Heavy and a size 6 Covert Mugga. As I mentioned earlier, the hair length was far longer than I would normally fish (around 2 inches). It worked a treat, with only one fish loss all week. I was glad I had spooled up with Pro XM as the lake was full of pads and it stood up to the test, not letting me down once.

Even though I ached from head to toe, I had a great week and I’m sure I lost a few pounds around the waist too!

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