With a three day session ahead of me, I made sure to have a good look around the lake before deciding what swim to settle on. As the sun began to make an appearance, the carp started to show at the very top end of the lake. Not wanting to waste any time, I grabbed my kit and quietly made my way around to my chosen swim.

On the deeper area I was happy to spread a good kilo of Trigga about...

I soon had three spots sorted at varying depths, one in shallowest water ready for any basking fish and the others in deeper water ready for the chilly mornings ahead. On the deeper area I was happy to spread a good kilo of Trigga about, as the spot was away from the main group of carp that I had found. Where the carp could be seen a taster was all they were given.

Before getting the rods out, I baited a small margin spot that I’d caught from many times before, it wasn’t far away the swim next door in fact. With time getting on and the shelter up I was ready for the first cast of the session. Before doing so, I had to take a quick look at the margin spot next door first. It’s funny after all the stalking this year I seem to get itchy feet very quickly, so off I went for a quick look!

Nick's very effective blow-back Mugga rig.

In amazement I looked down at the spot and I couldn’t see a thing! Normally I could see the lake bed at least. The carp were there and digging it up for England! Quick as a flash I ran for my stalking rod and I was soon lowering a rig into the edge of the kicked up cloud. Within minutes the tip flew round and I was into my first carp of the session, a mirror at 30lb 10oz! It was a very welcome quick bite. By the time I was sorted out it was well into the evening, and my swim spots were being well guarded by a snowman holding a size 6 Mugga, awaiting the carp to call! Just on dark the shallow rod burst into life with a 24lb mirror. How mad was this and I’d only been fishing a couple of hours. It didn’t stop there either and at first light the deep water spot gave me another 30lb carp and then another and another! At one point I had one in the retainer and one in each net, all 30lb plus carp! Before reaching the end of my first 24 hours, I’d landed 8 carp and half of which were 30lb mirrors.

I ended up with 13 carp in all, and not a single hook pull or line break with heavy fights in the dense weed!

Sticking to my baiting times and resting the swim while stalking elsewhere, they kept coming in two’s and three’s over the next couple of days. I ended up with 13 carp in all, and not a single hook pull or line break with heavy fights in the dense weed! Due to the weed I opted for 16lb Mirage fluorocarbon main line and my stalking outfit was paired up with 15lb GT80+. I couldn’t be happier and my bites to landed fish is still at 100% thanks to the Mugga’s and the other products I’ve mentioned. Now there’s not many can say that!

I keep getting asked to show my Mugga blow-back set up, it’s very simple and works every-time (I have seen many carp get nailed in the margins on the very first suck). I will show you the make-up of that one (please visit the GT Facebook Page) some may be surprised how simple it really is! With trips to France coming up quickly, I’m sure a few will get mugged over there too, so watch this space…
Nick cradles this awesome looking 30lb 10oz mirror.
A second thirty for Nick weighing 31lb 13oz!
A hat-trick of thirties for Nick, this one tipped the scales at 30lb 9oz!