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End Tackle According To…Paul Hatton

NAME: Paul Hatton. EXPERIENCE: I cut my teeth on hard waters such as Redesmere in Cheshire but I simply enjoy catching good looking carp, they don’t have to be huge. I have fished lots of different waters in the twenty years I’ve been carping, I am now confident in my approach and I can adapt [...]

The search for a Manton thirty continues by Paul

You may remember the first Manton article that I wrote after just two sessions, I was off to a flyer and managed six fish, four of which were on zigs. This tactic is definitely lethal on this water in the early spring just like it is on many waters, it’s extremely underused and a definite [...]

Chester’s Big Common

Serious fishing was a little delayed this year because I was travelling back and forward to Nottingham to complete an angling coaching qualification. There was lots of written work involved in between the days that I had to be there, but I eventually came through it even though my hand did feel like it was [...]

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Where’s The Point? – by Paul Hatton

To me, productive fishing trips are all about making the right decisions when you arrive at your chosen venue. You maybe lucky enough to find some fish in an area that is uninhabited by other anglers, you may have a bait that those carp will find irresistible but how much thought has gone into your [...]