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Carp Fishing – My Highlights Of 2015 – By Ian Lewis

Looking back through some of images from this season suggests it’s been a fairly decent year given the limited time I’ve had. I was gifted with the birth of my daughter on February 27th this year, which meant most of my angling has been a Friday night after work, with the odd mid-week session [...]

Carp Fishing – New Water Success – By Ian Lewis

Angling for me is all about the anticipation, the chase, the buzz of trying to work out the quarry and piecing together a tactical plan. Recently I’ve had a lot on my plate, a lot of things to contend with both myself and my family and to be honest my head really hasn’t been [...]

Carp Fishing – A Split Lake Jewel – By Ian Lewis

The Yateley Split lake is located on the West side of the Yateley Complex sandwiched between the Pads, the North and the Car Park lake and is definitely the most mysterious and unchartered water on this side of the road. Nobody seems to know exactly how many or what is resident within the lake. [...]

Carp Fishing – Burghfield Forty – By Ian Lewis

I recently enjoyed a great trip to the Blue Pool at Burghfield.  During the session forty eight hour session I managed to land eight fish, including seven twenties.  The jewel in the crown was a lovely mirror which tipped the scales at 40lb 8oz. I was accompanied by young gun and fellow Gardner Tackle [...]

Carp Fishing – A Year to remember – By Ian Lewis

Despite the unbelievable amount of rainfall we experienced early on in the year and the mayhem it caused, plus a disputable parking ticket I received, 2014 has been a phenomenal year. Many amazing things happened for me, like finding out my wife and I are expecting a baby girl in February 2015, buying and finally [...]

Carp Fishing – A Spot Within A Spot – By Ian Lewis

In my experience there is nothing better than donning the waders, coupled with a prodding stick and venturing into the wet stuff analysing viable spots on the lake bed in which to present a bait on to start priming for later sessions to create a feeding spot. Having a long handle rake is helpful to [...]

My Urban Winter Target by Ian Lewis

Near to my home in deepest Berkshire resides a 5-6 acre park lake that has undergone many environmental changes over the few decades. It’s truly an urban gem, sandwiched between a housing development and large business park. Way back in 1972 it was used in a film called 'The Offence' starring Sean Connery. Some years ago [...]