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Carp Fishing – Changing It Up – Ian Lewis

I needed to come up with a plan to help remedy my issue with the abundant bites off the Tench and Bream I was catching. Now I do not dislike Tench or big Bream per say, but they are not the intended species, so this train of thought took me right back to the drawing board regarding approach, rigs and bait...

Carp Fishing – Welly Bound – Ian Lewis

It was a prolonged and dogged fight but I slowly drew a chunky mirror into the folds of the waiting net. I woke up another member Simon, and he in turn helped with the weighing and pictures (I retuned the same favour later that morning). The old mirror weighed a healthy post spawn weight of 35lb 14oz. I was elated to get a carp on my first trip and get the ball rolling...

Carp Fishing – My Highlights Of 2015 – By Ian Lewis

Looking back through some of images from this season suggests it’s been a fairly decent year given the limited time I’ve had. I was gifted with the birth of my daughter on February 27th this year, which meant most of my angling has been a Friday night after work, with the odd mid-week session [...]

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