Solid PVA bags can be a devastating method to use in carp fishing. They can be used anywhere but they are especially good in weedy lakes as the weight of the bag will flatten any weed it lands on and as the bag melts it leaves a small pile of bait with the hook bait sat enticingly in the middle of it. It’s probably the only rig presentation guaranteed not to tangle. Either adopt the roving approach and it’s a one bite at a time method or when you are putting a couple of bags on a clear spot in the weed and lightly spodding over the top of them, multiple catches can be had.

Use a 2oz Flat Pear Inline lead in PVA bags, increasing to a 3 or 4oz lead if greater distance is required. A four inch length of Trickster Heavy braid is ideal as a hooklink material, tied to a size 10 Covert Dark Mugga hook. Coated hooklinks can also be used with solid bags.

If venue rules allow it, use Leadcore Leaders when bag fishing. The big advantage being two or three bags can be prepared in advance with the rig and bait inside them ready to go. Just snip off the leader and attach a pre-prepared one and you’re ready to go again!

The size of the bag can be adjusted according to the distance you want to fish. The smaller and more densely packed the bag, the further the distance it can be cast.

A usual mix consists of a mixture of small pellets and ground boilies. The smaller the size of the individual ingredients the easier it is to compact the finished parcel of bait, removing the air from the bag also helps to make it more streamlined, so it casts further and with greater accuracy.

The PVA Bag Rig Step 1

Step 1. Place hookbait in the corner of the bag.

The PVA Bag Rig Step 2

Step 2. Cover with half an inch of mix, position lead and cover with more mix.

The PVA Bag Rig Step 3

Step 3. Keep tapping the bag so the mix settles (add PVA friendly liquids now).

The PVA Bag Rig Step 4

Step 4. If you use a dry mix prick the PVA bag to allow air out.

The PVA Bag Rig Step 5

Step 5. When the bag is compressed twist the top and secure with PVA tape or string.

The PVA Bag Rig Step 6

Step 6. Trim off excess tape.

The PVA Bag Rig Step 7

Step 7. Compact PVA bag mix, lick and fold back corners to create a streamlined shape.

The PVA Bag Rig Step 8

Step 8. The bottom of the PVA bag should look a little like this, and it should be filled tightly.

The PVA Bag Rig Step 9

Step 9. Once the excess around the top has been trimmed…

The PVA Bag Rig Step 10

Step 10. …the remaining PVA can be licked and stuck down around the tail rubber.