Rig Tying Tutorials

The Ronnie Rig

Hook Stops and Swivels. Recommended hooklink. Step 1. Start by cutting a 1cm length of Large Covert Shrink Tube. Step 2. Position the shrink tube onto the hook shank before mounting the size 12 Kwik Lok Flexi-Ring Swivel onto the hook eye**. Step 3. Pull the [...]

August 17th, 2016|Carp Rig Tying|

The Secrets Out – Get on the ‘Ronnie’ – by Lewis Read

There's rigs and there are RIGS... Some stand the test of time and work year after year, others are more transient in nature, with tangible benefits being a figment of a twisted mind, but not offering any genuine advantage in terms of catching carp! This one however is very special, and it's a rig that’s [...]

The Birth of The “Hinged Stiff Rig”

On the whole, my angling has always been epitomised by a slow Darwinian like progression of understanding – from rigs and baits to a very basic conceptual understanding of what (sometimes) works and why. The fact of the matter is that there have few leaps in that slow development but one that stands [...]

Give ’em Some Rope… – Ian Stott

Long hook lengths. For as long as I can remember this has been one of my favourite means of catching carp. Now I'm not talking about zig fishing, I'm talking about actual long hook lengths for bottom bait rigs and pop up presentations. Rigs that are simply much longer than what is considered [...]

Combi Rig

What you'll need... Step 1. Take off 6 inches of Trickster Heavy braid and tie a small loop in one end. Step 2. Cut off a small slither of Covert Silicone Tube and slide it down the braid. Step 3. Take a size 6 Continental Mugga, push the [...]

January 27th, 2014|Carp Rig Tying, Rig Tying|

Barbel Rig

What you need... Step 1. Tie a simple knotless knot using a size 10 Target Specimen hook. We prefer a short hair when using this rig. Step 2. Tie a simple double overhand loop, which makes it quick and easy to change the hooklength. Step 3. Add a couple of small [...]

T Rig

What you need... Step 1. Strip back 4 inches of coating, our favourite is 10lb Target Speciskin in gravel. Tie a double overhand loop to form the hair. Step 2. Mount an imitation buoyant maggot length ways and a buoyant caster sideways, this creates a 'T-shape' hook bait. [...]