Losing fish on Chods? Not confident they will stay on the end? Don’t use Chods even though the situation demands it? Then cut your losses with Matt’s Chod extension.


Everything you need.


Step 1. First off cut a 14 inch length of leadcore and splice a swivel to each end.


Step 2. Tie a 2 inch loop of Power Gum through one of the swivels. This will act as an emergency weak link if necessary.


Step 3. Thread a buffer bead onto your leader to cover the extension’s swivel.


Step 4. Loop to loop the extension through the spliced loop at the end of your normal leadcore or, if you are going naked, tie it to the end of your main line.


Step 5. Attach your lead to the weak link “loop to loop” style. The lead will stay well away from the carps mouth so it can’t bounce the hook out.