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By popular demand, Gardner has now developed a heavier 45lb (20.4kg) breaking strain of the hugely popular Plummet range of leadcores, for use in the most extreme and demanding angling situations.

Whilst retaining the unique, tightly woven braided outer structure of Plummet, the core has been chosen to give the perfect balance between diameter and weight yet still maintaining a degree of suppleness that puts rival products of this breaking strain to shame.

  • Diameter: 0.95mm.
  • 45lb (20.4kg) for the most demanding big fish situations.
  • Available on 20m spools.
  • Colours: Mud Brown or Weed Green.

The original Mud Brown colour is a fantastic ‘go anywhere’ leadcore leader – visually subtle over whatever type of lake bed.

The Weed Green colour blends in extremely well in freshwater situations, being the perfect colour to match the most common varieties of weed and algae.

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