Soft Boom Step 1

Step 1. My hooklink… and leader material!

Soft Boom Step 2

Step 2. Make a boom with Camflex Leadfree by splicing on a Covert size 8 Flexi Ring Swivel. The spliced end should sit by the lead.

Soft Boom Step 3

Step 3. The finished splice should look like this – nice and neat.

Soft Boom Step 4

Step 4. Tie on the swivel, that will be used to tie the hook section onto, using a simple 3 turn Blood Knot.

Soft Boom Step 5

Step 5. Tie a BCR Hook onto some Stiff-Link using a simple Knotless Knot.

Soft Boom Step 6

Step 6. Mount a Flexi Hook Screw onto a ‘D’ – formed by tucking the tag end back through the eye and melting the hooklink with a lighter.

Soft Boom Step 7

Step 7. Attach the hook section to the (tied on) swivel using a blobbed 2 turn Blood Knot.

Soft Boom Step 8

Step 8. Use a lighter to ‘blob’ the tag of the Blood Knot for greater strength.

Soft Boom Step 9

Step 9. The finished hook section should like this when tied on.

Soft Boom Step 10

Step 10. Mount your pop up using the Flexi Bait Screw. The pop up needs to be bouyant enough to hold the hook section up for good mechanics.

Soft Boom Step 11

Step 11. Most good pop-ups will require Tungsten Putty to balance them. Mould it on the (dry) hooklink as shown, so the hookbait sinks slowly.

Soft Boom Finished Rig

The Finished Rig.