Range Finder Distance Sticks

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These Gardner Range Finder Distance Sticks are used to measure out the correct amount of line, allowing the angler to accurately hit the chosen spot every time.

They feature four line friendly hardened rubber ribs, to ensure that the main line will grip perfectly when wrapping and reduce the chance of line slipping over the top. Both sticks come supplied with fluorescent tips which comfortably fit most isotopes. The heavy duty carry case holds two screw on hard tops to enable the sticks to be driven into place with a mallet. It also contains a strap with metal ringlets set at 6ft/10ft/12ft/13ft increments, to help the angler set the required length.

  • 2 x 24″ (61cm) distance sticks.
  • Black anodised finish.
  • Feature luminous green detachable sight tops with plugged betalight cavities.
  • 2 x black metal top protectors to be used in harder ground.
  • Hardened rubber guides for enhanced line protection and increased line grip.
  • Yard strap with distance ringlets set at 6′/10′/12′/13′ for every eventuality.
  • Supplied in a padded protection sleeve.


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