Slinga Catapult Elastics

Slinga Catapult Elastics

Gardner Tackle Products


There are two sizes of spare high quality Latex Elastic for the Slinga Catapults.

  • Medium Elastics – these replacement elastics are primarily designed for use with ‘Small Slinga’ catapult. This gauge of latex elastic offers a smoother catapult action that helps to maintain close grouping of freebies.
  • Heavy Elastics – This heavier gauge elastic is more powerful and therefore best suited to use with the larger catapults available in the Gardner Tackle range and they are also a good alternative replacement for the Small Slinga if you require a more powerful and robust elastic.
  • All elastics are 30cm in Length.
  • Natural Brown colour.
  • 2 elastics per pack.
  • These elastics can be used on other brand’s catapults as well.

*Latex elastic can be affected by contamination from bait additives and UV light – It is the best performance option for catapults but is realistically a ‘consumable’ – especially used at maximum stretch/range.


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