‘UltraPult’ Carp Fishing Catapults

ultrapult carp fishing catapults

The ‘UltraPult’ medium, carp fishing catapults have been designed for easy, quick and consistently accurate bait application.

With a strong, reinforced moulded frame that is both rigid and lightweight, high quality American made elastics mounted on anti-twist fittings and comfortably sculptured anti-slip hand grips, these catapults are a massive step-up in terms of performance and longevity.

The key features of an anti-twist elastic attachment at the frame and extremely high quality latex elastic means, that in practice, the ‘UltraPult’ catapults enable you to maintain accuracy. The combination allows you to get into a rhythm of firing bait out without any annoying pauses, as you’re spared having to untangle elastics, which can slow you down and disrupt your baiting.

These catapults are perfect for firing a variety of bait into your swim, without creating the disturbance that spodding inevitably causes. Unlike using a throwing stick with boilies, a catapult doesn’t cause the bait to spin, which is the main factor that holds boilies up in the water long enough for boilie stealing gulls to plunder your bait.

The ‘UltraPult’ catapults have a medium sized frame that is 16cm across with a very comfortable and reasonably sized hand grip, and they are available with either a large pouch (Particle) or a medium sized pouch (Boilie):

Particle UltraPult – features a large sized pouch suitable for baiting up quickly with larger volumes of boilie or particle baits.
Boilie UltraPult – features a medium sized pouch for baiting up with boilies or creating small beds of particle baits.

Both catapults are supplied with high quality, heavy duty US ‘surgical’ elastics. These high grade elastics and each type of pouch are available separately, allowing you to change the configuration of your ‘UltraPult’ if you need to.

The ‘UltraPult’ catapults feature:

  • Anti-twist fittings which help to avoid tangled/twisted elastics, in-turn maintaining the elastics’ optimum condition.
  • Strong, reinforced moulded frame that is both rigid and lightweight.
  • Comfortably sized, sculptured hand grip with anti-slip finish.

There is also a smaller framed ‘Mini UltraPult’ available that is ideal for use with most baits, including floaters, boilies, pellet and particle.

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