‘PRO-PELA XL’ Carbon Throwing Stick

Pro Pela XL Throwing Stick

The ‘PRO-PELA XL’ is a lightweight carbon composite lightweight stick designed for use with boilies up to 25mm in diameter.

The biggest single benefit of going carbon is that it makes baiting much easier than using similar sized plastic. Just like the original 22mm Pro-Pela these higher diameter XL sticks are manufactured from high modulus carbon, with a matt 3k carbon finishing wrap that looks great and adds extra strength to the finished stick.

The light weight of the ‘PRO-PELA XL’ ensures that boilies go further and with less effort – and that means less fatigue (associated with prolonged use of a heavy stick) so your accuracy and range are maintained. This means that your baiting up will simply be better with the bait going where you want it to! Distance and accuracy vary with technique, but extreme range is easily achievable with hard 25mm baits and a bit of practice.

*If your baits are splitting due to the high forces exerted it is worth wetting the inside of the tube – but this will reduce ultimate range. It’s better to have a hard bait that can be ‘sticked’, rather than struggle to manage softer baits that are splitting (which is more than frustrating, especially when you’re fishing at maximum range).

  • The ‘PRO-PELA XL’ features a shrunk rubber hand grip that is comfortable even after prolonged use and offers a non slip grip, even when wet.
  • The complete stick weighs in at approximately 85 Grams – which is a fraction of the weight of similar plastic sticks.
  • 96cm length and 30.5mm external diameter (29mm internal diameter).
  • The ‘PRO-PELA XL’ is supplied with a lightweight neoprene sleeve to protect it during storage and transit.

DISCLAIMER: This product is not designed for use with frozen boilies or stones.
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