Simple UV Torch with keyring attachment, perfect for night fishing. A very handy little gadget.

UV light is the best way of charging up phosphorescent items like the Fluoro Pocket Rocket, Glo-Worm Marker Float Adaptors, Fake Baits, or any other glow-in-the-dark products.

  • Tiny size with keyring attachment
  • Ultra-Violet LED is bright enough for a multitude of uses when fishing at night
  • Simply squeeze to turn ON and also features a toggle ON/OFF nail switch
  • Bulb and battery will last for years (in normal use)

Apart from sunlight the UV Torch is the best way to charge luminous items like Glo-Worms, Nite Glow Baits and the Fluoro Pocket Rocket. Hold the Torch close to the object to be ‘charged’ (about 3-5cm away is best) for 15-30 seconds, rotating the object if necessary for best coverage. With large objects such as the Fluoro Pocket Rocket simply direct the beam onto the nose which will shop up best on the surface after dropping your bait. Caution: Do not shine directly into eyes.

Also available with Glo-Worm marker float adaptors


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