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Superb, easy to fit, luminous marker float adaptors perfect for feature finding after dark. There are 2 types available: Screw-on or Glue-on. Essential when trying to recast or position your hookbait accurately in low light conditions. Simply charge for a few moments with the Gardner UV Torch or a camera flash to give you 10-15 minutes glow time.

  • Screw-On Glo-Worms include a self-tapping screw enabling them to be mounted on to any moulded plastic, balsa or polystyrene marker floats. Using a 1.5mm drill (eg. Gardner Nut Drill), score a hole in the desired position and screw in, securing the Glo-Worm in place. You can add glue if necessary.
  • Glue-On Glo-Worms are designed to fit easily onto flighted markers and vein floats. Simply slot on to the flights and glue on securely.
  • Sold in pairs with or without the UV Torch. UV Torch is also available separately.
  • Length= 35mm, Diameter= 8mm
All Glo-Worm Products Available
Glo-Worms (pair) Screw-On
Glo-Worms (pair) Glue On
Glo-Worms (pair) + UV Torch Screw-On
Glo-Worms (pair) + UV Torch Glue-On
UV Torch (single)


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