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Gardner Micromesh PVA has a close weave, which means that it is ideal for use with most baits; from chopped and whole boilies to maggots, pellet and powder.

The PVA filaments used in its weave are fine enough to ensure a rapid, reliable break down even in cold water. Micromesh PVA is available in 7m or 20m refills in 2 sizes: ‘Standard’ is 25mm and ‘Wide’ is 35mm diameter.

The ‘Standard’ version is the perfect size PVA for subtler and smaller bags, a great benefit where range dictates the need for a smaller bag. Perfect for use with the popular ‘stick’ method of fishing whether with compressed groundbaits, ground bread or even crushed pellet.

The ‘Wide’ version is very popular with anglers that prefer to use larger PVA bags, ideal for focusing the attention of feeding fish on the area of your hook bait with a mound of freebies, whether they are tiny pellets; whole, chopped or crumbled boilies; maggots or PVA friendly particles.


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