PVA Bags Slo-Mo


Slo-Mo PVA Bags are specially manufactured heavy duty PVA bags that have been created as the perfect tool for anglers that need a stronger bag that gives the highest level of control with solid PVA bags.

Solid PVA Bags are undoubtedly superb for encapsulating the entire terminal tackle with dry feed such as pellet and crushed boilies.

Slo-Mo PVA offers a number of benefits for specific angling situations; especially solid bag fishing at extreme range when the filled PVA bag needs to take the extreme forces associated with long range fishing.

Other uses include anglers fishing on really deep venues, as the Slo-Mo bag is more likely to reach the lake bed intact. This ensures you get virtually guaranteed presentation (as with any well tied solid PVA approach). They are also a great option for fishing in very warm water conditions – so make sure you have a pack next time you’re off somewhere nice and warm for a week’s angling this year! Warm water naturally dissolves PVA significantly faster than cold water, so once again the slightly extended melt rate of the Slo-Mo bags can ensure you maintain impeccable presentation.

You can also use these Slo-Mo PVA bags for encapsulating PVA ‘friendly’ particle feeds (some of which seem more PVA friendly than others!) and for fishing on big rivers, where the Slo-Mo bag has plenty of time to settle on the river bed before the PVA dissolves and ruptures leaving freebies around your hookbait.

These bags feature:

  • Strong seams.
  • Neutral PH (so odourless/tasteless to carp).
  • Available in 2 sizes; mini & standard.
    Mini 105mm x 60mm
    Standard 130mm x 80mm
  • Both Mini and Standard sized Slo-Mo PVA bags are supplied as 20 bags per packet.


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