PVA System Narrow Micro-Mesh (15mm)

PVA Systems and Refills

The ‘Narrow’ Micro-Mesh PVA system is the perfect size for making small aerodynamic sticks and small ‘mouthful’ PVA bags, This high quality PVA stocking can be used with any dry feed (small pellet/small or crushed boilie/groundbait) or with PVA friendly particle baits.

The narrow size system features a 15mm diameter PVA mesh mounted on a funnelled loading tube, that is perfect for small sticks of crumb, exploding stringers of small baits or when you need the most aerodynamic bag for increased casting range.

The standard micro-mesh PVA is also ideal for use with the popular ‘stick’ method of fishing with compressed ground baits, ground bread or crushed pellet and boilie.

Each system features a strong outer tube, a funnelled inner tube and a dedicated plunger for compressing baits and aiding construction of tidy PVA bags.

The system is supplied with 7 metres of Narrow size micro-mesh ‘All Season’ PVA.

  • Gardner Micro-mesh PVA has a fine denier weave, ideal for use with maggots, dot pellet and powder combinations.
  • Micro-mesh PVA has been developed to be robust enough for all PVA fishing requirements, yet fine enough to ensure rapid dispersal in cold water conditions.
  • Micro-Mesh PVA systems are also available in ‘Standard’ (25mm), ‘Wide’ (35mm) & ‘Double Barrel’ formats which includes both standard and wide PVA micro-mesh loaders.
  • Reliably dissolves across a broad range of temperatures, including cold water.

*Narrow, Standard and Wide Micro-mesh refills are available separately on 7m and 20m spools.



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