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The very best casting marker floats are still balsa made markers!

These high quality, slim bodied, flighted balsa marker floats have an up-rated swivel attachment and fly extremely smoothly – which really helps to reduce the tangles that can occur if a marker float wobbles in flight.

There are two sizes of Pencil Marker Floats available:
‘Standard’ floats are a great all round marker float for general use, or for ultra-long range where the slim aerodynamic design helps casting.
‘Large’ floats are ideal for use at long range (because it is more visible) or in weed where extra buoyancy helps the marker rise to the surface.
*They are also available in a twin pack with both sizes included.

  • Handmade in the E.U.
  • Extra long swivel attachment loop is deeply embedded and glued into the balsa body to prevent the swivel from falling off (a common problem with alternative balsa floats).
  • Dark green body and day-glo orange tip for optimum visibility in low light levels.
  • Standard – Length=20.5cm, Diameter(body)=1cm, (flights)=3.5cm.
  • Large – Length=22.5cm, Diameter(body)=1.6cm, (flights)=3.5cm.

To set up a Deluxe Pencil Marker float correctly:

  • Thread a Size 8 Flexi-Ring Swivel onto your braided main line (ring on line).
  • Attach a 3-4oz lead via a 15-20cm lead link.
  • Thread a bead onto the main line, then tie the Deluxe Pencil Marker Float on the end of the line…and you’re ready to go!


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