‘UltraPult’ Catapult Pouches

ultrapult carp fishing catapults

These spare catapult pouches feature a strong vinyl construction, with twin layered reinforced eyelets.

The Pouches are available 2 sizes:

Particle Pouch
The large spare ‘Particle’ catapult pouch is perfect for baiting up quickly with larger volumes of bait, including boilie, particle and pellet baits. The Particle Pouch is 12cm wide.
*Please note that this larger pouch is not suitable for use with the Gardner ‘Mini UltraPult’ or other smaller catapults.

Boilie Pouch
The medium sized spare ‘Boilie’ catapult pouch can be used on both the ‘UltraPult’ and ‘Mini UltraPult’ frame and is ideal for baiting accurately, creating small beds of particle baits, including boilies, particle and floaters. The Boilie Pouch is 10cm wide.

  • Both size pouches feature strong vinyl construction with twin layered reinforced eyelets.
  • Each Pouch is supplied with 2 clips for secure attachment to elastics.

Other spares available include ‘Mini UltraPult’ and ‘UltraPult’ Elastics.

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