Thanks to French angler, Jerome Sebille, friend of Gardner Tackle and member of the French Carp Connection Team, for his account in first locating and then banking this stunning carp weighing 30lb 8oz.

A good challenge in Carp fishing is targeting one fish in particular. Two years ago, I saw a nice fish with beautiful scaling and since then I have dreamed of catching this beauty in my net…

I hate fishing at the same place and after a day I need to move and see what is happening elsewhere. So I practice ‘speed fishing’ – just one or two hours in a spot with one or two lines. At the moment in France, fishing during the day is difficult because for three weeks the weather has been very cold. So the fish have not been moving much or eating and their activity has been sluggish without the sun.

Method Bowl MixOne week ago, I saw the nice carp again and I decided to fish for 30 minutes in one spot with one line and then move to another. This technical fishing requires organisation and the ability to track the Carp. I used a PVA bag with small particles like pellets, corn, hemp and crushed boilies. It’s important to use attractive bait, like a method mix with a strong dip and to make the trap quickly to be reactive. Only the minimum kit is needed when adopting this approach and essential items include my Gardner method bowl and Slinga catapult.


After two hours tracking the fish with no result, I had a small run near a submerged tree. The fight was very strong and I could see the beautiful scales…My dream became a reality and I landed the fish in my net…ouahhhhhhhhh !

30lb 8ozSpeed fishing is a great sensational and technical activity which can be a different approach to achieve your target.