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Hi, my name is Niels De Temmerman and I’m 32 years old. I started pole fishing around age of 12/13. After practicing this type of angling for a few years, I can still remember catching a 22lb common on the pole. Amazed as a young kid by the power of these creatures, I started switching over to carp angling. Bit by bit, I got the gear together and around the age of 16 you could find me literally every weekend at the local pond. This all changed when I became 18 and got my driving license, the local pond went into the background and I started to aim at more difficult waters, canals and lakes…

In recent years I have tried to tackle big canal systems around Belgium, the uncaught carp, the search for carp on the long water highways and the capture of them are some of the best moments an angler can experience. For these situations I always rely on Gardner’s HydroTuff and their high quality end-tackle. So, being familiar with Gardner Tackle and their range of products, I can honestly say this collaboration will benefit my fishing in many ways and I’m excited to be a member of their Benelux team!

Fact File

Name: Niels De Temmerman
Location: Belgium
Favourite Venues: The big canal systems around Belgium
PB’s (lb): 23,8 kg mirror, 22,8 kg common