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I started fishing with my grandfather as a child about 6 years old, fixed rod and worms. My real passion for carp fishing exploded 10 years ago. I go fishing every spare moment I have. Alone or in company it doesn’t matter, the important thing is to fish!

Fact File

Name: Valentina Roma
Nickname: Evilangel
Location: Italy – Novara
Date of Birth: 12/10/1982
Favourite Venues: every place where I can cast my line
PB’s (lb): 52lb Mirror Carp, 55lb Grass Carp, 50lb Common Carp, 64lb Leather Carp
Fishing Techniques: carpfishing – spinning – sturgeon fishing
Longest Session: 10 days
Shortest Session: 3 hours
Favourite Rig: blow back and D-rig
Favourite Time: All seasons
My Page: https://www.facebook.com/evilangelangler