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Nino Roggemans

I started fishing as a young lad on a local venue close to home. As you can imagine, at this time my kit was very basic, but I couldn’t care less. I just wanted to be outdoors and enjoy every second out on the bank. A few years past until I met [...]

January 16th, 2019|Benelux Activists|

Wesley Mast

As a young teenager I got invited by a friend to join him on a local club lake fishing for carp. We started out on the surface and ended up catching these beautiful creatures on the bottom and I fell in love with them from this day on. Before I knew it [...]

January 11th, 2019|Benelux Activists|

David Pino

I’m a carp angler in a town called San Adrián (Navarra). Since I was very young, accompanied by my father, I was taught love for nature and respect for all living beings. I started fishing carp at a very early age. Year after year, whilst meeting great people and friends, I have learned a [...]

William Mendiant

En entrant chez Gardner, le boss m’a dit: « Il faut que tu me fasses un texte pour te présenter. » Je crois donc que le moment est venu de me livrer... J’aurai vraiment souhaité vous conter une histoire époustouflante, mais mon parcours est tout ce qu’il y a de plus classique dans notre [...]

Eduardo Zancada

During my 27 years as an angler I have had the pleasure of practising various fishing methods; spinning, fly fishing, Surfcasting, Game fishing. I have also been able to catch large tuna and predators in Spanish coastal waters. I have visited glorious and wild places, like the Amazon river, getting many great catches and [...]

Romina Hill

I come from a fishing family, my dad, my uncle, my brother, etc. are all angling fanatics. So I often found myself accompanying them on their fishing trips and eventually I caught the angling bug. My fascination with carp angling occured whilst watching a carp angler on the bank. I was completely enthralled by [...]

Marco Gorges

I have been interested in fishing since childhood. I came to angling in a very traditional way. First I went along with a friend and found that I really enjoyed it and I have been faithful to this fascinating hobby ever since. I have specialised on carp since 1992 and I have tried many [...]

Jurgen Vandenstorme

My name is Jurgen Vandenstorme and I work as an independent baker. As a youngster I started fishing for roach and then switching to bigger coarse species such as bream. Several years later I became interested in carp fishing, which soon became very addictive. My favourite fishing venues are rivers and canals, which I [...]