I come from a fishing family, my dad, my uncle, my brother, etc. are all angling fanatics. So I often found myself accompanying them on their fishing trips and eventually I caught the angling bug. My fascination with carp angling occured whilst watching a carp angler on the bank. I was completely enthralled by the equipment, procedures and the handling of the catch. Since then I have changed my type of angling until now when I fish exclusively for carp. Angling is hardly a hobby for me it is rather a way of life.

Fact File

Name: Romina Hill
Location: Castrop-Rauxell / Nordrhein-Westfalen
Age: 05/08/87
Carp Angler Since: 02/07/05
PB: 21,5kg (I do not weigh every fish, not even the big ones)