I have been interested in fishing since childhood. I came to angling in a very traditional way. First I went along with a friend and found that I really enjoyed it and I have been faithful to this fascinating hobby ever since. I have specialised on carp since 1992 and I have tried many waters both at home and abroad. In addition to carp fishing, I also enjoy angling for catfish and have managed to catch a fish of about 250cm. In addition, the Feeder/Method Feeder with tench or barbel is one of my favorite fishing techniques.

Basically I would divide my angling into two main areas. Firstly, the time spent on my “home waters” in Thüringen (Area of Germany), which are mainly lakes and reservoirs. The second is river fishing, I do this abroad in Italy on the river PO, since this wild, unspoilt water is one of my favorites. I find the unknown fish stock and the fact that I have to adapt constantly to changing conditions a delightful challenge. When the annual Carp event is on, which is organized by La Motta Waller camp, I act as an organizer and guide and look after the participants in all matters relating to carp fishing on the river PO. I also sometimes fish challenging waters and private lakes in France. These highly pressured waters question my techniques and tactics and make me hone my skills even more.

Fact File

Name: Marco Gorges
Location: Gebesee/Thüringen
Age: 42
Carp Angler Since: 1992
PB: National: 25,6kg / International: 24,2kg