Carp Fishing ~ Milemead Day Trip ~ Ricky Knight

Having seen loads of Milemead's stunning fish popping up on my Facebook, it was only a matter of time [...]

  • carp-fishing-brandon-butler-2016

Carp Fishing ~ Brandon Butler’s 2016 Round Up

At the start of 2016 I didn’t really do much fishing. I had important exams coming up at college, [...]

Carp Fishing ~ Wuzy’s Winter Trip

After a few phone calls to check on current water conditions after the recent cold spell, and finding out [...]

Carp Fishing ~ Reflections on 2016 ~ Kai Richards

This year’s fishing has been one of the hardest years for me as time on the bank has been [...]

Carp Fishing – George Benos 2016 Highlight

It was the 8th February 2016 and I had just finished an eleven hour shift at work. The weather [...]

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Carp Fishing – Ian Lewis 2016 Round Up

2016 started quite slow for me as I wasn’t able to get out much and when I did I [...]

  • A la faveur de l’automne! – Dauchy David

    A la faveur de l’automne! – Dauchy David

    C’est certainement durant cette période de l’année que mon temps de pêche augmente considérablement, à la faveur de RTT durement gagnés le long de l’année, Et oui travailler plus, pour gagner plus certes… mais [...]

  • ZIG RIG POWER! – par Dauchy David

    ZIG RIG POWER! – par Dauchy David

    Étant à l’affût de tous ce qui touche de près ou de loin à notre pêche, j’aime à découvrir de nouvelles techniques. Et c’est ainsi qu’au détour d’une énième recherche, je suis tombé sur [...]

  • Bien aborder les bordures par David Dauchy

    Bien aborder les bordures par David Dauchy

    A l’heure où une année se termine et une autre qui commence, nous sommes soumis ces dernières années à une mode, celle des statistiques: nous avons désormais la fâcheuse tendance à tout classer par [...]

  • V2 ATTx Receiver e ATTx Deluxe Receiver

    V2 ATTx Receiver e ATTx Deluxe Receiver

    La redazione di Carpaonline non poteva esimersi dal provare e mettere in confronto le 2 centraline di Casa Garner che per chi non le conoscesse sono compatibili con qualsiasi tipo d’avvisatore con la sola [...]

  • Retention Sling – Gardner Tackle

    Retention Sling – Gardner Tackle

    Si sa che negli ultimi anni le sacche di mantenimento/pesatura hanno fatto passi da gigante nel campo della ricerca e sviluppo, fortunatamente tutte le aziende hanno sfornato prodotti sul mercato che tutelano il pesce [...]

  • CamFlex Leadfree Recensione di Luca Nanetti

    CamFlex Leadfree Recensione di Luca Nanetti

    L’Inglese Garner presenta questo nuovissimo Leader senza anima interna in piombo: Il CamFlex Leadfree è costruito intrecciando fibre PTFE pesanti ed è un prodotto 100% in PTFE, pertanto siamo riusciti a ottenere il piu’ [...]

  • My 2016 by Tommy De Cleen

    My 2016 by Tommy De Cleen

    The weekend before the VBK meeting and the show season kick off and not much fishing done after my October fishing trip to the UK, I’ll give you an insight on my angling I [...]

  • De Hybrid Rig


    Hoofdzakelijk bestaat mijn visserij uit zeer korte sessies. Voeren,observeren en aanvoelen is dan ook meer dan noodzakelijk om nog maar van een mini- succesje mogen te spreken.Dagelijks naar het water rijden om te voeren [...]

  • Der leichte Unterschied

    Der leichte Unterschied

    In meinem kurzen Artikel möchte ich einen Kniff loswerden, der besonders vorsichtig fressende Fische an den Haken bringt. Manchmal schwimmen Fische die Futterplätze nur sporadisch an und schnüffeln ein wenig darin herum. Aufgenommen werden [...]

  • Auf dem Boden bleiben

    Auf dem Boden bleiben

    Kiesgruben erfreuen sich vor allem bei den Karpfenanglern an sehr großer Beliebtheit. An diesen Gewässern kann man jederzeit mit Ausnahmefischen rechnen! Sie können nicht abgelassen werden, und daher wissen wir nicht, was letztlich drin [...]

  • Diese Drei habe ich immer dabei!!!

    Diese Drei habe ich immer dabei!!!

    Das Angebot an Vorfachschnur ist schier unendlich. Gerade wenn man mal einschlägige Webseiten durchsurft bekommt man den Eindruck, das man für jedes bestimmte Wunderrig ein spezielles Vorfachmaterial braucht. Schnell verliert man dabei die Übersicht, was [...]

V2 ATTx Receiver e ATTx Deluxe Receiver

La redazione di Carpaonline non poteva esimersi dal provare e mettere in confronto le 2 centraline di Casa Garner [...]


Hoofdzakelijk bestaat mijn visserij uit zeer korte sessies. Voeren,observeren en aanvoelen is dan ook meer dan noodzakelijk om nog [...]

Carp Fishing – A Social Week in France – Tommy De Cleen

In July this summer I went fishing in France, I had planned to fish a partiular club/syndicate lake in [...]

Operatie Smikkelmix – Danny de Kruyff

Afgelopen voorjaar wist Danny de Kruyff een aantal zeer indrukwekkende vissen te vangen tijdens een korte Frankrijtrip. De vangstfoto’s [...]

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The Secrets Out – Get on the “Ronnie” door Lewis Read

Je hebt rigs en RIGS... Sommige rigs gaan jaren mee en bewijzen jaar na jaar hun goede eigenschappen, andere rigs [...]

The Great Hookbait Experiment – Ricky Thomas

Three rods, three different hookbait presentations, one baited area. Which one catches the most fish – pop-up, wafter or bottom bait? Ricky Thomas investigates... MOST anglers today use three rods and quite often they opt to fish all three in a tight area, especially when looking to get the fish feeding well. With that in mind...

Trilakes Red Letter Day – Brandon Butler

Young Brandon Butler is this month’s Under-21s writer, and not only has he got a great story to tell about catching lots of fish, they are also absolute stunners. I decided on a 48hr-session at Trilakes Country Park because I have been trying to get amongst the bigger residents which I have seen there. The weather was spot on...

The Multi-Recoil – Paul Hatton

After experiencing problems with pest species, Paul Hatton makes a few tweaks to get around the little blighters, and has come up with a Multi-Rig approach which incorporates a nifty little recoil effect. I’m a firm believer in not fixing what isn’t broken when it comes to my rigs, but now and again you find yourself in a...

The Good Old Bag and Stick – Paul Hatton

We’ve all seen features about using PVA, but Paul Hatton has gone one step further. His aim is to get you more bites by letting you in on his most successful mixes which have accounted for plenty of fish over the years. The good old PVA bag – I’m sure that pretty much every carp angler uses PVA on a regular basis. A simple mesh...

Stories of Success – Kai Richards

This time, young Kai Richards tells the story of quite possibly the best month’s carp angling anyone could ever wish for. Prepare to be amazed! March was quite possibly my best month of angling since I can remember. It started with a 48-hour session in a swim where I had seen a fish bosh out while I was walking around the pit...

Rig Concealment – Rich Adams

This month we catch up with Rich Adams to get the lowdown on the business end of his rods, and how he likes his rigs to be as stealthy as possible on the lakebed. How important is rig concealment for you? When it comes to rigs, I have always liked to keep things as simple as possible; if something is working I stick...


Terminal Tackle and Tactics image


This guide includes information on the recent introductions to the broader Covert and terminal ranges and additional sections with information on main lines and leaders, several new step by step rig pieces, and how to reposition hookbaits amongst freebies accurately at range. Getting into good habits and developing a meticulous approach to rigs and bait positioning are vital angling skills that will boost the success you enjoy whilst out on the bank.

Gardner Rig Handbook


Within these pages the Gardner team will lead you through the basic presentations we successfully use for specific scenarios, and offer ideas for advanced tweaks and improvements that you can easily incorporate into your own rigs. Many of these suggestions will improve the rigs critical performance, and will undoubtedly help you to enjoy greater success during your time spent on the bank side.

Gardner Target Rig Handbook


In this Target Specimen Handbook we aim to highlight the new range and impart insights into some of the ultra effective methods used and the tackle being employed to catch specimen fish.