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Drop The Bomb By Tim Childs

With the warm and rather late summer we seem to be having this year, I would imagine a lot of venues have suffered with bad weed problems of one sort or another. Certainly the waters I’ve fished have been particularly weedy and given me a little to think about in terms of both presentation and [...]

The Junior Carp Camp by Tim Childs

At the end of May, myself along with fellow Gardner Tackle consultant Lee Wagner and head honcho Lewis Read had been asked to attend the Carp Society’s Junior Carp Camp at the prestigious Horseshoe Lake in rural Gloucestershire. Personally speaking it had been a while since I’d last helped out on one of the societies [...]

Let the Fun Begin by Tim Childs

Like most of you out there having endured one of the slowest winters on record it was a great relief when finally by mid April the sun finally decided to make an appearance and spring kicked in at last. Most of the waters throughout the country have been slow to start as water temperatures remained [...]