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Carp Fishing – Baby Scaley – By Pete Kingsbury

I have not been able to go fishing for the past two months due to my Father being poorly, but now he is on the road to recovery and I was keen to get back out fishing. I planned a short session and arrived at my syndicate water before first light and took numerous [...]

Carp Fishing – A Hat-trick Of Stunners- By Pete Kingsbury

I arrived at the lake early on Thursday to find just two anglers already fishing. I had a quick walk around the lake and sat in the end swim on the road bank to try and see if I could spot any signs of fish activity. With the aid of my binoculars it wasn’t long [...]

Sky’s the Limit by Pete Kingsbury Part 2

The day passed with no more action as the temperatures got to 33.C, we caught up on some much needed sleep. I planned to have a shower around 6pm, so before this I was going to repeat the baiting program that had worked so well the previous night. I mixed the bait together leaving out [...]