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Next generation premium co-polymer monofilament, formulated and engineered to excel in all aspects of performance.

Well suited for almost any fresh water use; from waggler and feeder fishing right through to top end specimen hunting.

  • Unparalleled linear and knot strength with exceptional abrasion resistance and durability.
  • Super soft and smooth finish glides through rod rings for ultimate casting performance.
  • Controlled stretch gives a crisp and ultra-responsive feel when casting out, striking and playing enabling you to react instinctively to the fish’s every move like never before.
  • Parallex Level Winding Technology virtually eliminates flat spots giving near-zero memory and ensures that hydroFLO arrives to you in pristine condition for the optimum line performance.
  • By combining low visibility colour with a rapid sink rate, hydroFLO is ideal when you need a subtle, stealthy line to avoid spooking fish.
  • Available on 300m spools from 4lb to 18lb.
  • Colours: Low Vis Green and Tru Clear.
Breaking Strain Diameter Meterage
3lb (1.4kg) 0.16mm 300m
4lb (1.8kg) 0.18mm 300m
5lb (2.3kg) 0.20mm 300m
6lb (2.7kg) 0.23mm 300m
8lb (3.6kg) 0.25mm 300m
10lb (4.5kg) 0.28mm 300m
12lb (5.4kg) 0.30mm 300m
15lb (6.8kg) 0.35mm 300m
18lb (8.2kg) 0.38mm 300m

Hydro Flo

4 reviews for hydroFLO

  1. Tony Watts

    I have been using 8lb Hydroflo for the past two years for summer chub stalking.
    I have been nothing but impressed, excellent strength and abrasion resistance, giving me every confidence when targeting big chub in their liars.

  2. Richard Lane

    Great all round specimen line having used this since it first became available mainly use in the 6/8/10 lb for all my river fishing depending on whether I am targetting smaller streams or larger rivers such as the Hampshire avon Stour etc.
    Cannot see me using anything else for my Chub ,Barbel Roach fishing etc on the rivers.

  3. Tony

    Great line good value product

  4. Kho

    Thank you. Will try the line.

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