A copolymer hooklink providing an ultra strong and reliable alternative to the Braided, Skinned and Fluorocarbon hook lengths the fish are used to seeing (and sussing out) on a regular basis!

Never underestimate the benefits of ringing the changes and doing the unexpected…Hydro Flex is a handy, affordable option to have at your disposal for when your normal tactics don’t seem to be working.

A next generation, extra supple, ultra strong and abrasion resistant hooklink.

  • Superb silky-smooth finish and low memory, essential for the best possible bait presentation.
  • Extreme abrasion resistance, shock resistance and phenomenal knot strength.
  • Level Winding virtually eliminates flat spots giving near-zero memory and ensures that Hydro Flex arrives to you in pristine condition for optimum performance.
  • Available on 20m Spools in 8lb, 10lb, 12lb, 15lb and 20lb.
  • Dark weedy green colour blends in seamlessly with almost any lake and river beds.
  • Exceptional value for money.
Breaking Strain Diameter Meterage
8lb (3.6kg) 0.25mm 20m
10lb (4.5kg) 0.28mm 20m
12lb (5.4kg) 0.30mm 20m
15lb (6.8kg) 0.35mm 20m
20lb (9.1kg) 0.40mm 20m


‘Bottom Bait Rig’ step by step guide:


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