Subterfuge is nearly invisible under the water; its refractive index is almost identical to water which means virtually no light reflects of its surface.

This remarkable fluorocarbon hooklink material has been developed to offer anglers a robust and shockproof 100% fluorocarbon that knots superbly.

  • Soft, supple and extremely pliable, Subterfuge suits the subtlest of presentations and is extremely user friendly.
  • Knots bed down more easily without the ‘pig-tailing’ that can occur with other lines.
  • The unique multi-directional polymer structure gives reinforced strength on the knot unlike other fluorocarbons, which have uni-directional structures and break easily on the knot.
  • Available on 15m spools in 12lb and 15lb.
  • Colour: Ultra Clear.

Subterfuge Super Stiff is also available.

Breaking Strain Diameter Meterage
5.4k (12lb) 0.33mm 15m
6.75k (15lb) 0.37mm 15m

‘Advanced Bottom Bait Rig’ step by step guide:

2 reviews for Subterfuge Super Soft

  1. Andy Wheeler

    I see that mirage can be tied with a blood knot. Can you tell me please whether knot strength will be ok also for subterfuge soft with a blood knot.

    • admin

      Hi Andy,

      A ‘blood knot’ will work fine with Subterfuge, though we would recommend using a ‘tucked blood knot’.

      Always test your knots so that you are fully satisfied…

      Hope that this helps,
      The Gardner Team

  2. Peter Hayes

    Just watched the Barbel: Close And Personal Part 1: Summer & Autumn by Stuart Morgan and Guy Robb,and just wondered if any one knows where you can get the hooklink material Gardner Riverge that was mentioned or has it been replaced by a new version? I know you can still get Grand Max Riverge Fluorocarbon but is Subterfuge basically the same thing?

    • Gardner

      Hi Peter

      The original Gardner Riverge was superseded by Subterfuge (soft). Subterfuge is 100% PVDF Fluorocarbon like the Riverge was. The newer Subterfuge has better knot strength than the older Riverge product…

      Another more recent addition to the range is the Mirage Fluorocarbons. These were originally sourced as mainlines (and are therefore supple for a Fluorocarbon) and are available in a much wider range of breaking strains – on 100m spools from 4Ib (0.205mm) to 30Ib (0.52mm)

      Link here:

      Hope this helps…

      The Gardner Team

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