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All new GT-HD is manufactured exclusively for Gardner Tackle with a unique high grade copolymer formula using cutting edge manufacturing processes to give the line reduced stretch and a crisp feel without compromising the other key characteristics.

After all, why develop a line that offers exceptional feel if it doesn’t retain the high knot strength, great abrasion resistance, fast sinking and a lovely smooth supple feel that anglers want. By developing a main line that brings together all of these features ‘GT-HD’ sets a new benchmark in performance copolymer main lines. Finally, by manufacturing GT-HD in a awesome low-viz colour we’ve created a line that simply outperforms other low stretch lines in every way.

  • Reduced stretch offers excellent feedback to the rod tip when feeling the lead down and gives improved/enhanced bite indication at long range.
  • Smooth finish and supple feel offers superior casting performance.
  • GT-HD is formulated to sink quickly and settle flush to the lake bed.
  • This line has exceptionally high knot strength and high abrasion resistance.
  • Low-Viz Green colour gives superb camouflage whether you are fishing slack or tight lines.
  • For optimum performance we recommend a Palomar knot with GT-HD (though Grinner and Fig.8 loops will still exceed stated breaking strain).

*We recommend spooling up GT-Hd with the label facing upwards (line coming off anti-clockwise) and periodically checking for line twist for the best possible results.

Read Lewis Read’s article on GT-HD here –

GT-HD is supplied on 1/4lb bulk spools and is available in the following breaking strains:

Breaking Strain Diameter Meterage
12lb (5.4kg) 0.33mm 1150m
15lb (6.8kg) 0.35mm 1030m
18lb (8.1kg) 0.39mm 830m

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7 reviews for GT-HD ‘High Definition’

  1. Steve Davis

    I have been using GT-HD in all three breaking strains for many years now for fishing at range the 12lb is brilliant, fishing weedy lakes like Ashmead the 15lb is my absolute go too line each time. When fishing heavy snags or fishing aboard I will only use the 18lb version.
    Having used all of Gardner Tackle’s lines for well over 35 years I have without faith in all of their range of lines and other products.
    Thanks All

  2. Tommy

    Its a bit badly behaved when it’s super fresh, new and springy out of the packet – pigtailing, curling and the like (and many people including me got put off) BUT I should have given it a fairer chance, cut the curled bit off and kept it on and let it wear in a bit as apparently it gets better with use and has tremendous longevity
    It is definitely very tough and also genuinely low stretch – very crisp and responsive – I was getting tiny twitches from a very wise big carp on the end staying still trying to eject the rig, and I don’t think most normal monos would have registered anything. I am back on Gardner lines with an old fashioned workhorse choice in GR60, and will give that a fair go, but I will happily give the HD another try in future for the lower stretch on my soft barbel type rods if I think I may be missing any feel – any chance you could do a clear version of GTHD? I prefer the white look of clear lines on my reels!

  3. Andrew wise

    GT-HD, my review of this awesome mainline is after three years of using this product.

    Firstly it loads to the reel so easily and very well, ive never had a problem,

    if you follow gardners specific guidelines for this line only, which is submerged in luke warm water, label facing upwards, so line leaves anti clockwise off bulk Spool and then clockwise onto your reel and load carefully and periodically check for twist. Me personally have never had a twist problem.

    Feedback to rod tip is fantastic even at range.

    Colour is fecking mint 👌 I love the colour so much, blends in everywhere in my opinion however I’ve never really fished crystal clear lakes so can’t comment on that situation personally.

    I’ve used 12lb for 3years, it’s only broke on me once, recently in a more snagier situation then I have normally had fished previously.

    I’ve since loaded this line in 18lb, as not having to fish massive distance at present but fishing for bigger fish trickier swims , it loaded just aswell 12lb, no twist. Easy.

    I always follow the guidance for this line, and palomar knot it is, the only knot I use with this, which is the recommended knot for this main line. I’ve never had a knot go on this line ever because of this.

    This is fantastic item, I love using it everytime I fish, i will be hitting bank Tues to put the 18lb to its test. 🤞

  4. Joerg Weusthoff

    Best line I ever fished!Very good casting , no memory. To proof the abrasive quality and stength I fortunately caught a 90lbs catfish on 12 lbs Gt-HD.
    The catfish escapes to some snaggy places. After landing, I could find some damage on the line, but I can’t break the line by my own.

  5. Iain Fletcher

    Best line I’ve used for a long time!! Always been a braided line user where allowed not for distance work but more for feeling the lead down. The lack of stretch in this mono definitely helps. Casts well sinks well nice and smooth and doesn’t seem to kink at all when you leave your rods made up. Very impressed.

  6. FisherRob ( facebook )

    Spooled up 2 reels with this , awesome . An excellent line , with little or no memory . Lays well , sinks well and good knot quality . I was
    very impressed with its casting smoothness and found the low memory works well with hair rig creation and Zig rigs .
    Excellent Quality .

  7. Pat Carter

    I tried GR-60 when it first came out, then GT-80, I didn’t think it could be improved. I needed new line, bought GT-HD. What impressed me first was the line lay, casting was effortless, knot strength and abrasive quality gave me added confidence for stress free angling.

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