Whether you want to pile on the power to hurl your baited rig out to a productive mark, or have confidence that your leader can easily cope with the rigours of fishing over rough ground, then Sure Shock is your No.1 choice.

This high performance copolymer shock leader gives ultimate casting performance thanks to its silicone treatment, reducing resistance in the early stages of a cast when pressure on the line is at its greatest. It is easy to handle, knotting well, and gives unbeatable abrasion resistance and tensile power.

Ultra reliable, extra strong and durable…Sure Shock gives you exceptional performance in all areas.

  • 150m Spools
  • 50lb – 80lb
  • 100lb – 130lb (100m) Clear only
  • Clear, Neon Orange & Neon Yellow
Breaking Strain Diameter Meterage Colours
50lb (24kg) 0.65mm 150m Clear
60lb (27kg) 0.70mm 150m Clear
80lb (37kg) 0.75mm 150m Clear
100lb (45kg) 0.9mm 150m Clear
130lb (60kg) 1.0mm 150m Clear
50lb (24kg) 0.65mm 150m Neon Orange
60lb (27kg) 0.70mm 150m Neon Orange
80lb (37kg) 0.75mm 150m Neon Orange
50lb (24kg) 0.65mm 150m Neon Yellow
60lb (27kg) 0.70mm 150m Neon Yellow
80lb (37kg) 0.75mm 150m Neon Yellow


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