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HydroTuff has been designed for the most demanding angling situations, where you need the toughest, most robust and utterly reliable line to put on your reels.

We have recently upgraded to a larger arbour spool and jazzed up the packaging! This was primarily to ensure that the best method of spooling up this line (please click on the Videos tab to watch – Loading Line The Right Way!) is now the same as the rest of Gardner Tackle main line range. Don’t worry, it’s still the same magnificent line as before! The most amazingly robust copolymer available…

No other high abrasion line offers the same superb performance for casting, it is fast sinking, offers great feel, exceptional knot strength and outstanding reliability. It is one of those lines that just gets better and better – and this translates into a really long life span on your reels.

In the higher diameters it is brutally strong and a favourite of river and canal carper anglers both here in the UK and on mainland Europe.

The 12lb (0.35mm) version has proven unsurpassed as a mainline capable of withstanding the repetitive shock of long range fishing on waters with a leader ban.

All our main lines are rated with a good margin in terms of the stated breaking strain, taking into account knot strength using a well tied grinner or Palomar. So realistically the 0.35mm breaks at around 18lb; the 0.38mm at 22lb and the 0.40mm version at 24lb!

Many other high abrasion lines have a opaque base that makes them stand out in the water, but Low-Viz Green HydroTuff’s unique copolymer mixture maintains the base transparency ensuring it is hard to spot even when fished tight (mid water).

HydroTuff has a really nice steely finish thanks to its controlled stretch. This ensures that it gives a crisp and ultra responsive feel when casting out, and helps feeling the lead down ‘on the drop’.

Available in 12lb, 15lb and 20lb in Low-Viz Green on 4oz spools.

Breaking Strain Diameter Meterage
10lb (4.5kg) 0.30mm 1400m
12lb (5.4kg) 0.35mm 1030m
15lb (6.8kg) 0.38mm 870m
20lb (9.1kg) 0.40mm 790m

*Limited stocks available of old style packaging of 10lb in Low-Viz Green and 12lb and 15lb in the superb Deep Brown.

Copolymer Mainlines article – https://gardnertackle.co.uk/2014/02/guide-gardner-tackle-copolymer-main-lines-lewis-read/

Read a review about hydroTUFF here http://www.ukmatchangler.com/predator/articles/tackle/gardner/hydrotuff.php

7 reviews for hydroTUFF

  1. Bill Walford

    I use Hydrotuff on the rivers Medway, Trent and Wye. 10lb BS is very resilient, casts well and breaks well above the recommended breaking strain. HIGHLY recommended for all applications 👍

  2. Matthew Ellis

    I’ve been using hydrotuff for a couple of years and it is bombproof, it’s TUFF, it’s well hard and it eats weaker lines for breakfast, I fish a weedy snaggy pit and it hasn’t let me down yet, there are zebra mussels, pads, snags, trees and heavy weed and it’s not broken once, and I fully trust it won’t let me down, I use the 15lb line mainly, it stays in good condition for an age, sinks like a stone, it’s great for slack lining and unless I need an out and out distance line I don’t see any need to change, and even then I might just switch to 12lb to be able to push it further, if it isn’t hydrotuff it isnt tuff enough

  3. Jon miller

    The best line on the market fantastic for casting and as strong as rope
    The best line out there IMO !!!!

  4. Manuel Aufreitet

    Top Line for big carps!! Gardner top Qualität

  5. Ben Hinton

    A river carper dream!!!

  6. Bernd Werner

    The best line for the big fight with the really big fishes. High abrasion and strength.

  7. Paul Dixon

    Great line well worth purchasing first class

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