‘Pro’ Main Line

‘Pro’ Main Line

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Gardner Tackle has drawn on years of experience; manufacturing and distributing the very best carp and specialist coarse fishing lines, in the development of ‘Pro Light Blend’ and Pro Dark Blend. These premium grade copolymer main lines have been engineered to give anglers uncompromising performance – yet they are sold at a very competitive price! These are outstanding fishing lines that simply outperform most lines that are sold for more than twice their price!

Since we launched the range, we have received a number of requests from anglers fishing for big fish in weedy and challenging venues for a 0.40mm version of these lines. Enter the new Gardner ‘Pro XM’!

The higher diameter option offers the best possible protection against sheer and abrasion damage, as well as giving the higher strength you would expect from a 0.40mm line. Another, often overlooked benefit of moving up to 0.40mm line, one that is common with most copolymer main lines, is that the inherent weight of the thicker line means it sinks even better than the same polymer mixture in a lower diameter. Anglers that fish with their mainlines slack or semi-slack will find that they can lay this line unobtrusively along the lake bed or down on top of any weed that is present.

  • Pro copolymer blend offers both extremely high abrasion resistance and excellent knot strength.
  • Excellent sinking properties ensure that the line can be fished slack and will settle unobtrusively across the lake bed.
  • A vital aspect of any decent carp line is the way it stretches and its ability to give you the feedback to feel the lead down (vital to feeling the type of lake bed the lead has landed on) and all the lines in the Pro range offer this feedback crisply, even at range.
  • Uniform diameters ensure an extremely high consistency in their linear strength.
  • Smooth finish and supple feel gives excellent casting performance.
  • Available in breaking strains from 10lb to XM (0.40mm) which breaks well in excess of 20lb!
Breaking Strain Diameter Meterage
10lb (4.5kg) 0.28mm 1470m
12lb (5.4kg) 0.30mm 1320m
15lb (6.8kg) 0.35mm 920m
XM 20lb+ (9.1kg+) 0.40mm 790m

The two colour blends mean perfect camouflage for anglers targeting almost any freshwater environment:

  • The ‘Dark Blend’ is a great all rounder, blending in with weed and dark silty & ‘choddy’ lake beds.
  • The ‘Light Blend’ is a fantastic clear water line; arguably better than any other copolymer we have seen!

So if you’re looking for a premium copolymer main line that simply out performs its competitors, at a fraction of the price, take a look at the ‘Pro’ and ‘Pro XM’ main line ranges in your local Gardner stockist.

Copolymer Mainlines article – https://gardnertackle.co.uk/2014/02/guide-gardner-tackle-copolymer-main-lines-lewis-read/

8 reviews for ‘Pro’ Main Line

  1. Richard Lane

    Since this became available it has become my no.1 carp line usually light blend 15lb . Fantastic all round carp line having abused it on some very demanding venues.
    Casts great, looks good in the water and is tough.
    For snaggier/weedier venues then I step up to the XM heavier duty version but normally it is this that I rely on.
    Great price as well
    Cheers Rich

  2. Slim Jim

    I use Pro Mainline (Light Blend) for barbel (10 & 12lb b.s.), carp & pike (15lb b.s. in ‘normal situations’) and in the heaviest b.s. for big fish in snaggy venues (both carp and pike). But what prompted me to leave this review is that I have switched over to the 20lb version for use as my pike fly-fishing leader material this winter (with a wire trace of course). I caught a good ‘double’ the other evening which put up a heck of a scrap, during which I had to bring the fish back out of a dense reed-bed. I was expecting the line to give way at any second, but it held firm. That one experience alone has now given me 100% confidence in this line, and at such a reasonable price it will be my line of choice from now on for sure. thanks to all you folk at Gardner for continuing to supply us with good quality gear at a sensible price. Good luck. Jim

  3. Robert Kipling

    I use pro XM for my lightweight cat fish set up and it’s been fantastic. I have used a lot of lines over the years and never really found a line or brand that was worth my loyalty. XM has surpassed my expectations of a decent line. I have used it exclusively now. I have 6 reels and they have 12lb and XM on. Highly recommended.

  4. Tom

    Hi, can you please confirm if this line sinks faster than GT80+ ??

    Many thanks, Tom

    • admin

      Hi Tom,

      The ‘Pro’ has the same sinking additives as GT80+, and is manufactured from a broadly similar density copolymer mixture. This means that they have very similar sink rates/densities.

      The copolymer mainline in our range that does sink faster is the new GT-HD as it is a different base.

      Hope that this information helps – if you need any other information please do not hesitate to contact us again.

  5. Neil Baynes

    Have used the “light blend” all year and it has been the best line I have used in years. I’m fishing weedy gravel pits with clear water and this line ticks all the boxes.
    Colour, tick
    Strength, tick
    Abrasion resistance, tick

  6. arran-broadhurst

    first trip with pro carp using 15lb cast proper good. fishing tight so didn’t use the sinking properties will be next time fish on only Gardner in my tackle bag

  7. Jean-Paul Picart

    Excellent line, casting, sinking all round top performer.

  8. Jon Perkins

    If it is as good as stated, at this price you should be selling plenty of it !

    • Lewis Read

      Errrrr – YES it is!


      (the Light Blend is particularly good in clear water Jon)

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