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After the long term success of GR60 which still holds a various number of records, the next generation of line has been launched, GR60X.

  • Due to the type of structure in manufacturing of this line, GR60X has a better sinking rate than GR60.
  • Does not hug the bottom like some fluorocarbons; this allows GR60X to lift up in the water when striking giving more of a positive strike, rather than like some fluorocarbons which are pulled through the water.
  • Superb uniform diameter and non reflective matt finish for less visibility.
  • GR60X is suppler than GR60 but still has the same if not better abrasion resistance, knot strength and reliability.
  • Spooled on large diameter bobbins and produced in small batches at a time to reach you in total ‘fresh’ condition.
  • 1/4lb spools.
  • Available in 10lb, 12lb and 15lb.
  • Colours green or clear.
Breaking Strain Diameter Meterage
4.5kg (10lb) 0.30mm 1,408m
5.4kg (12lb) 0.35mm 1,033m
6.8kg (15lb) 0.40mm 792m

3 reviews for Insight GR60X

  1. Stu Robertson

    I have been using gr60x in 12lb for a season now and I am very impressed. Up until a year ago I was using another brand of mono and was having problems with line twist plus it had a wirey feel to it, but I percivered with it as it was a leading brand and came with a recommendation after changing to gr60x i soon realised the mono I was using was shite and I’m very happy with the change over… Has a supple feel to it, nice Matt green colour and I get very little in the way of line twist… Ohhh and it very good on the abrasive front…

  2. Paul denton

    I will be the first to admit as carpers go, I still have a long way to go but this was my first choice of line after lots of internet surfing. In my opinion this product is spot on. I have fished some snaggy water and its never let me down. Put it on correctly and maybe have a go with a spin doctor…job done!

  3. Tauz Norbert

    The best!!!

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