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The new generation GT80+ has evolved directly from Gardner Tackle’s legendry GT80 mainline. GT80+ offers big fish anglers ultimate performance by combining the very latest copolymer formulas and cutting edge precision manufacturing processes to give supreme performance across the entire spectrum of key characteristics that big fish specialists demand.

NEW GT80+ Clear is now available from your local Gardner Tackle stockist!

  • Our unique copolymer formula includes an extra heavy sinking additive that ensures this line is the fastest sinking monofilament available.
  • GT80+ gives the highest abrasion resistance, without sacrificing other critical attributes such as knot strength, suppleness or linear strength.
  • Stretch characteristics have been tailored to offer precise feel and control.
  • Epic knot strength – there’s simply no other way of describing it!
  • Casts beautifully thanks to smooth finish, supple feel and uniform diameter.
  • Deep Green colour offers excellent camouflage of main line.
  • The Low visibility clear line offers exceptional camouflage of your main line across a wide variety of environments.
Breaking Strain Diameter Meterage
10lb (4.5kg) 0.30mm 1400m
12lb (5.4kg) 0.35mm 1030m
15lb (6.8kg) 0.40mm 790m

Copolymer Mainlines article –



5 reviews for GT80+

  1. Phillip Jordan

    Top quality line. Very reliable, high knot strength, lasts well and my go to mono line.

  2. Ian Wall

    By far the best line I’ve ever purchased top top quality

  3. Dave Hoodless

    Being dark green can you tell me if this line is hard to see in all types of water, i.e. clear/murky..and most lake beds i.e. gravel/silt. Many thanks,

    • admin

      Hi Dave,

      The deep green colour of GT80+ means that it is a particularly good line in terms of general camouflage; especially when it is allowed to settle down on (or close) to the lake bed.

      This camouflage works well as its sinking properties have been enhanced to make this aspect of the lines performance as good as possible. Overall, it’s a very good camouflage colour for most venues, whether they are clear and weedy, or slightly muddy and murky.

      As anglers ourselves, we understand that some particular colours of line suit some different venues better than others – and this is in essence why we offer a range of colours across our main line range. However, experience of selling this colour line (Original GT80 in dark green before) has shown time and time again that the deep tone excels on some waters – and is simply ‘good’ on others.

      Hope that this helps,

      Kind regards,
      Gardner Tackle

  4. Robert Beringer

    Dear team,
    any preffered way how to spool this on our reels? I understand to drop it into a water and let it go? Doesn`t matter how it faces the reel, which way etc.? I just want to avoid as many line twists as possible.
    Thank you

    • admin

      We have found that the most consistent way of spooling up the newer lines (GT80+, Pro and HydroTuff) is to allow the spool to ‘do its own thing’ in a bucket of luke warm water, reeling in through a damp cloth to maintain a consistent (gentle) tension. The luke warm water slightly softens and lubricates the line.

      However, we urge customers to use their common sense, and occasionally stop reeling and drop the tension between the tip ring and the spool/bucket to see if the line is twisting up (in which case turning the spool 180 degrees normally helps alleviate the twist. Please see this video for useful tips when loading line: Loading Line The Right Way! –

      With original GT80 and GR60 weighing the spool down (label up) is still the recommended method – but again its always worth periodically checking the build up of line twist, as described above, just to make sure the line is going on nicely.

      Hope this Helps,
      Team GT

  5. Ross


    When loading GT80+ onto a spool do you recommend that it is soaked in water first or is it ok to load dry? If so does it need to be warm water and for how long should it be soaked?

    Thanks for any help

    • Lewis Read

      Hi Ross

      We always try to load copolymer lines on wet – and though some people think it’s best to soak the line for a long time beforehand we’re not convinced it makes a big difference.
      Just put the spool in some luke warm water for 10 minutes and your ready to go.

      Hope this helps
      Team Gardner

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