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Carp Fishing – A Change Of Plan – By Phil Kingsbury

After my last session I had planned a three night trip to Cottington Lakes in Kent, with my girlfriend Konge. After catching at Vinny during my last session, it seemed mad not to return, so I loaded my car with two bed chairs sleeping bags and my two man Armo. I arrived early and after [...]

Carp Fishing – A Productive Storm – by Phil Kingsbury

I’ve really been enjoying my fishing on Vinny this year, so I took half a day’s holiday on Wednesday the 16th July and got there about 3pm. With no one else fishing, I did a couple of circuits looking carefully for signs of fish activity; and in the end I decided to fish the Right [...]

Carp Fishing – Happy Birthday – Phil Kingsbury

I was planning on doing a few nights on Vinny but with the all of the warm weather the carp started spawning, so the management closed it for a couple of weeks. Instead of cancelling my holiday, I decided to book three nights on Sandhurst Lake instead ( I turned up early on the Monday [...]

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