GTA+ “Application Plus” 13ft Carp Fishing Rod

GT Rods

The GTA+ 13ft is manufactured exclusively on a powerful yet lightweight 3K-reinforced blank that has been designed, developed and tested to be suitable for spodding, spombing, marker float work and swim mapping at extreme distances.

LENGTH: 13ft

The moderate fast action ensures fast tip recovery and effortless accurate casting without being unforgiving or overly stiff. The combination of manderl/materials gives a blank that offers a direct, responsive connection and feel when baiting and leading/marking at long range.

GTA+ rods feature:

  • 3K reinforced finish to just above the overfit joint. This allows a faster and more responsive tip action.
  • The exclusive 13ft blank is made using 36 ton Mitsubishi carbon fibre, on low resin prepreg blanks.
  • Super lightweight Minima guides are combined with a conventional anti-frap tip rings.
  • Full matt finish helps protect all components and maintains looks/performance.
  • A 3K carbon Fibre machined DPS reel seat to match the rods 3k tweel/finish.
  • 1ft and 1.5ft markers above reel seat to ensure accurate depth readings when marking.
  • Non weaved tip section helps reduce weight and improve accuracy when casting.
  • The GTA+ features a clutter free, tidy build specification.


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