GTC “Continental” 10ft Carp Fishing Rod

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The GTC (Continental) is quite simply the perfect 10ft carp rod!

LENGTH: 10ft

This amazingly versatile rod is equally at home being used by anglers casting rigs as those placing rigs and playing big fish from a boat; making the GTC by far the best 10 foot carp rod that we have ever fished with.

It is a lightweight, yet powerful 3 1/4lb TC rod with a medium action that gives a lovely crisp responsive feel performance. In essence the ‘Continental’ has a wonderful steely action, that offers an immense amount of feedback and control, whether you’re casting lead with ease and accuracy or playing a fish.

The lightweight blank offers a progressive application of power, so it suits a myriad of angling scenarios, because you control the application of the power available.

Essentially, the GTC is a medium-fast action rod – which means it offers fast tip recovery and effortless accurate casting without being unforgiving or overly stiff. The combination of mandrel and materials used in its manufacture means the finished rod offers a direct, responsive connection and feels superb when you’re playing a carp!

This GTC is manufactured exclusively for Gardner Tackle, to exacting tolerances and finished with a clean and uncluttered build. The lightweight 3K-reinforced blank has been designed, developed and tested to be suitable for the full range of carp fishing applications.

GTC rods feature:

  • Full hi-gloss finish with 3K ballistic finish to just above the overfit joint.
  • 3K tweel finishes just above the overfit joint. *This allows a faster and more responsive tip action by keeping tip weight to an absolute minimum.
  • The exclusive 10ft blank is made using 36-ton Mitsubishi carbon fibre, on low resin prepreg blanks.
  • Super lightweight Minima guides are combined with a conventional anti-frap tip ring.
  • Full hi-gloss finish helps protect all components and maintains looks/performance.
  • A 3K carbon Fibre machined DPS reel seat to match the rods 3k tweel/finish.
  • ‘Line friendly’ low profile carbon line clip whipped in position to assist bite indication.
  • The GTC features a clutter free, tidy build specification.
  • Full slim line EVA handle with wide SS butt cap.

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ROD WARRANTY INFORMATION: The Gardner Tackle rod warranty offers the original purchaser a discretionary free repair or replacement in the unlikely event of manufacturing defects. This warranty is in addition to and does not affect or reduce the owner’s statutory rights, which cover against manufacturing faults and mis-described goods during the statutory 1 year period. The benefit of the warranty may not be assigned or transferred to any other subsequent owner. Customers are requested to retain a proof of purchase as this will be requested upon making a claim under your statutory rights. *If the scope of necessary repair work is outside the terms of the warranty please contact us on and we will endeavour to respond to your correspondence as quickly as possible to discuss available options. FURTHER INFORMATION: You are responsible for the cost of carriage of the rod or section to Gardner Tackle or to your local place of purchase. We will try to match, so far as is reasonably possible, a replacement rod section to a broken section. However, there may be minor colour/material and specification variations in the replacement sections against the original. The Gardner Warranty does not cover lost or stolen rod(s) or rod section(s), ordinary wear and tear or loss covered by normal insurable risks such as theft, loss, fire, accidental damage or consequential/incidental liability damages. The warranty is invalid if the defect is caused by misuse, neglect or if unauthorized alteration/repairs have taken place to the item. When replacement sections are no longer available, we may at our discretion offer you a comparable rod from the current range, at a discounted price. Full Contact details are available here – Contact Page.


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