I was as keen as ever to get back the lake after a short absence, especially after my previous successful session, as I wanted to keep the momentum going! This enthusiasm meant that I arrived at the lake in good time for the gate to open at 6AM.

The lake had seen an awful lot of pressure over the weekend but thankfully most of the anglers that were on were all due off, so I had plenty of time to decide on a swim. Pushing the barrow round the lake it wasn’t long before the sight of one of the big ghosties leaping out tight to the island greeted me – in fact she came out no less than five times in about ten seconds! Without hesitation I put my barrow in the Bush swim, as it was being vacated at midday.

I’m not sure if it was a coincidence, but I was more than happy to be fishing in the same swim on the same spots as I was a few weeks previous, when I had enjoyed a session of a lifetime, understandably my confidence was sky high. I got the rods out to the island as well as they could be and sticked out around a kilo of CC Moore Odyssey XXX over the two spots. Feeling ever so confident I felt a bit dejected with the night time conditions because the temperatures dropped down to 2 or 3 degrees and even threatened a slight frost. Yuk!

With the daytime temperatures set to soar I remained confident and decided on a re-chuck after lunch. I armed the two long island rods with NS pop ups with Ultra Skin Stiff ‘Munnie Rigs’ and blasted them out on a helicopter setup. It was evident one or two fish were enjoying the islands shallow margin and as the temperatures peaked I received a bite. The fish stripped line immediately and just as I managed to turn it at all of about 160 yards my other island rod registered an absolute ripper! Now a double take on Welly is as rare as rocking horse….. and I found myself in a very tricky situation.

Fortunately, the legendary and handsome Dr Dave was on hand to take control of the second fish whilst I took care of the first. Eventually I steered the first one into the net and grabbed the second rod whilst the Doc grabbed another net from his plot next door.

This fish felt a lot heavier; almost too heavy. The remainder of the battle felt weird and the cause for this was revealed when the tips of a large branch that the fish must have picked up broke the water’s surface. It was a heart in mouth moment because as the branch rose up out of the water I thought it was all over. A moment later and the flank of a colossal carp appeared wallowing underneath the woodwork, still held firm with the size 6 Mugga! In an almost comedic way me and the doc bundled the beast, branch and tangled line into the net and gave each other a wry smile knowing it was a good’un! Thank goodness I had the ever reliable GT80+ on!!

We got everything ready to do the honours and with a mirror of 43lb 4oz and the ‘Little Two Tone’ 50lb 8oz it was a mighty brace of 93lb. With the light fading I needed to get the rods back out there and in hindsight I was shot to bits and I don’t think I got them back out as far as they needed to go. I got some more 18mm XXX out there with the Pro-Pela stick and I went to bed a happy bunny.

The following day passed by with fish activity showing elsewhere, I found myself in another predicament, should I stay or should I move?

In the end I decided to move onto the showing fish. I’m not going to lie, this decision was slightly influenced by the thought of being close to the car park for the early morning pack up the following morning when I would be off early to go work!

I swapped the leads over to lighter, more discreet 2oz distance pears and flicked out some Northern Specials on Munnie rigs once again. I was certainly on fish and within minutes the move had been justified as I was attached to another angry carp. In typical fashion it went through one of my other lines, but the carp gods shined on me again and I had an absolute belter in the net.

Wayne the happy bailiff timed his rounds on the lake to perfection, and was able to help me weigh this one in and take some snaps. At 48lb the wondrous ‘Shoulders’ topped off an already perfect fishing session. 3 carp for over 141lb, Welly never ceases to amaze me!

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