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Carp Fishing – A Brace Of UK 50lb Commons – Dave Gaskin

In early 2016, I found myself itching to get back down the ultra-low-key venue known as Wellington Country Park, to try and get amongst the phenomenal stock of carp whilst they were at their optimal weights. However, with all good things in life, they come at a price...

Carp Fishing – Bobbing Around – David Gaskin

Early in the afternoon Dave repeated a demonstration of his tactical supremacy and landed one of the longest commons I have ever seen, weighing in at over 50lb! Luckily, I got in on the action with a 48lb mirror before the end of play! The following day we managed another 3 bites before the weather took a turn for the worse and the fishing slowed.

Carp Fishing ~ An Uncommon Brace ~ by David Gaskin

A successful spell through February and March led me to believe that my excellent results I’d been enjoying at the lake during this period of time, with less angler pressure, would unfortunately soon be coming to a close as the weather improved and inevitably more of the other syndicate members [...]

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