Sausage Gun

Sausage Gun

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Entry level Sausage Gun to produce perfectly sized sausages for your Rolaball. Perfect for small scale home bait making.

Different base mixes can go through bait guns very differently. Therefore, you will often need to customise the nozzles to suit individual bases, as some expand slightly after extrusion. As a rough guide; finished sausages of boilie paste should be 80% of the diameter of the finished boilie, e.g. 20mm boilies require a 16mm sausage.

  • Quick and easy to use. Depress the lever by the pump mechanism to release the plunger, remove the plastic cartridge from the frame and fill with boilie paste. Put the cartridge back into the gun frame, lining up the plunger disk and use trigger to pump the paste through the specific nozzle (chosen for size required).
  • Comes complete with 8 different sized nozzles which can be trimmed if required.
  • Not suitable for heavy use or stiff mixes.
  • Capacity 300ml.

Nozzle sizes in mm

Gardner Gun Spares are available here: Gun Spares

4 reviews for Sausage Gun

  1. michael jones

    brought the above bait gun love it

  2. Steven

    Hi guys, please could you tell me what size nozzle will be suitable for a 14mm rolaball table please, Thanks.

    • Lewis Read

      The internal diameter would be about 11mm (for 14mm baits) but please be aware that diffeernt mixes react differently when being extruded and you might need to adjust the nozzle accordingly
      As a rough guide, if the boilies are barreled then the nozzle needs to be made slightly wider, and if they are like a distorted oval there is too much mix and you need a smaller nozzle…

      Hope this helps

      Team Gardner

  3. colin

    could you please tell me what size nozels come with the standard sausage gun
    many thanks

    • Gardner

      Hi Colin,

      Please check above in the product description for a list of nozzles and sizes (they are in mm).

      The Gardner Team

  4. paul kilgariff

    just purchased a gardner sausage gun how do you pull the plunger back after you have pumped it as far as it will go read instructions which tell you to put your foot on the metal bar sounds more like twister help please

    • Gardner

      Hi Paul,

      The push rod tat pumps the base mix through the gun is released by depressing the small lever at the top of the Sausage Gun, and then using eth T Bar the plunger can be pulled straight back. The advice related to putting your foot on the bar is really only for when the plunger is difficult to withdraw, and as such a last resort.

      If you find that the plunger is sticking it is definitely worth smearing a very light coating of oil (fish oil of your making fish meal baits, or vegetable oil for other bases like bird foods) around the inside of the barrel, as this will normally help everything slide a little more smoothly.

      Hope this helps.

      The Gardner Team

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