Rolaball Baitmasters – Giant Size

The Rolaball Baitmaster offers much greater bait making capacity as the wider design simply rolls more boilies at a stroke than our longbase tables. This makes bait making much quicker and more efficient – and this means that anglers that want the control or economy of making their own bait can make sufficient quantities of bait in a shorter time.

We supply a large number of bait making companies with these tables, most of whom are rolling really large quantities of bait every day. One of the key reasons they choose the Gardner rolling tables is because they don’t wear out as quickly like cheaper copies – all our tables are only moulded from top quality, high impact virgin ABS plastic for a long working life.

Other large tables that are available are made from brittle material so they break or crack far too easily (and they’re expensive too)…

With a little practice you can produce about 50 baits at a stroke, perfectly formed and exactly to your specification. Be sure to use the correct size sausage made from either a Rolling Table or a Sausage Gun.

The top section of the Rolaball Baitmaster is fitted with a pair of Easi-Grip handles, and the base can be screw fixed onto a board or work surface to keep it straight and safe when not in use (recommended).

Available to roll baits from 10mm to 24mm diameter.

  • Length=51cm (20″), Width=38cm (15″).
  • Assembly required, instructions included.

Assembly Instructions:

BASE (see images):

1). Place one panel upside down on a flat table with tongued end overhanging slightly so that the panel lies flat.
2). Lay two more panels side by side as shown below.
3). Connect panels together using 6 full braces located at points A (see diagram 1) – secure with 2 small screws per brace.
4). Fit 6 half braces in position B – secure with one small screw per brace.
5). Press rubber foot onto each brace.

The base is now complete.

Note: 3 fixing holes are provided at each end if you wish to mount the base permanently to a work surface. In this case leave out the rubber feet.

TOP (see images):

1). Assemble the remaining two top panels (as shown in diagram 2).
2). Offer up handle plate and secure with the 2 long screws in the central holes.
3). Turn over and tighten the ends with the remaining 4 short screws.

Kit contains: 5 panels, 1 handle plate, 9 full braces, 12 half braces, 12 rubber feet, 34 short screws, 2 long screws.

Baitmaster 10mm
Baitmaster 12mm
Baitmaster 14mm
Baitmaster 16mm
Baitmaster 18mm
Baitmaster 20mm
Baitmaster 22mm
Baitmaster 24mm

Gardner also provide a spare screw and bracket set for the Rolaball Baitmaster – please contact us directly for this product via phone or email.

Made in the UK

3 reviews for Rolaball Baitmasters – Giant Size

  1. Jean Lecomte

    Can I buy your Rolaball 18mm in North America ?
    I’m from Canada.
    It will be more convenient for me.
    Unless I can buy online.

    • Lewis Read

      Hi Jean

      In the US we deal with ‘Whacker Baits’, ‘American Carp Gear’ and ‘Big Carp Tackle’.
      In Canada we supply ‘New World Carp’

      Any of these sellers should be able to helps.

      Gardner Tackle

  2. Ray Ashton

    Dear Sirs,

    Do you produce a six and eight millimetre Rolaball Baitmaster?.
    If not why not?. As you may gather I am a match angler
    best regards RayA

  3. tony freman

    is the table in sections or is it one peace… thanx mr freeman.

    • Lewis Read

      The larhge RolaballBaitmaster tables are supplied in sections – 3 bottom and 2 top with corresponding panel with handles (and fittings and fixtures)

      Hope this infomration helps

      Gardner Tackle

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