Rolaball Longbase Baitmaker

Developed from our original Rolaball, the Longbase allows a longer ‘stroke’ so you can fit two or even three tubes of paste onto the table greatly increasing the speed you can roll the boilies out. The longer stroke also ensures that finished baits have a nice smooth, uniform round finish every time.

Made from high impact virgin A.B.S. to resist wear and tear, with integral rubber feet to reduce the table slipping in use. These long base tables have enabled many anglers to start rolling and experimenting their own baits.

Be sure to use the correct size sausage made from either a Rolling Table or a Sausage Gun.

  • Length=30cm, Width=15cm.

Available to roll baits from 12mm to 24mm diameter.

Rolaball 12mm
Rolaball 14mm
Rolaball 16mm
Rolaball 18mm
Rolaball 20mm
Rolaball 22mm
Rolaball 24mm

Made in the UK

4 reviews for Rolaball Longbase Baitmaker

  1. John

    It would be benificial if you could integrate a rolling table into this product as well. It should be relatively easy to adapt the existing product just by adding a suitable flat surface with the correct height on the top or bottom of the longbase bait maker.

    • Lewis Read

      Hi John

      The little 8mm Rolaball has the table built in, but when the longbase tables were first designed this wasnt a consideration. Retooling at this point to build the tables intpo the Rolaballs would not be commercially viable due to the massive expense involved.

      Thanks for your suggestion – much appreciated

      Team Gardner

  2. Modest

    What is the difference between the diameter of the paste sausage and the finished boilie, when i making dumbells?

    • Lewis Read

      Hi Modest

      If you want to make dumbells you just use a lower diameter sausage than the you should for any given Rolaball table.
      So say you want to roll 14mm long barrells, rather than using an 11mm diameter sausage try an 8mm or 9mm paste sausage.

      Hope this helps,
      The Gardner Team

  3. Dan vincent


    I have just purchased a 14mm rolaball would you suggest a 11mm sausage to roll with this?


    • Lewis Read

      Yep – that would be about right Dan…

  4. Tom

    I’ve been told the table needs to be 2mm smaller than the rolaball table…is this true? so make 18mm sausage and roll a 20mm table? Please advise

    • Gardner

      Hi Tom

      Actually, it’s not quite that simple.

      In general the difference between the diameter of the paste sausage and the finished boilie diameter is approximately 20%. Therefore a 20mm boilie requires a 16mm diameter sausage….

      The Gardner Team

    • jamie dorrell

      Thanks for that info. This is my first time using the Gardner table, all i can say at the mo is Gardner’s tables are of the highest quality and are easy to use

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