A dedicated product specifically designed by Jason Hayward and Specialist Sharpened Hooks for protecting sharpened hook points from rust and corrosion.

Simply apply a small amount of “Point Shield” to the end of the swab and rub up and down the sharpened part of the dry hook. “Point Shield” will protect hook points immediately, however for maximum protection apply it to the hook prior to use. Refrain from checking the sharpness of the hook point after application as this may remove the product. Re-apply as needed. “Point Shield” has been specifically designed for the use of protecting sharpened angling hooks only.

  • Easy to apply with swab (supplied).
  • Only minute quantities needed.
  • Virtually clear and undetectable when applied.
  • Can be re-applied without any noticeable build up.
  • Built in attractor from Jason Hayward’s highly attractive “Specials range”.
  • Fully field tested in numerous angling situations.
  • Fully biodegradable.
  • 25ml per bottle.
  • Store bottle and swab in original blister pack.

*Not for human consumption.


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