Gardner Tackle is VERY excited to introduce a small selection of exquisitely hand sharpened hooks, that have each been individually honed by hook sharpening expert – Jason Hayward – an angler of legendary credentials.

As you might reasonably expect with each hook being personally honed by Jay, this means that the points on these hooks are incomparable to even the very sharpest commercially manufactured patterns. The Covert Darks ARE the sharpest mass produced hooks we know, but if you’re willing to pay a premium you can get hand crafted perfection!

The way we see it, if a dedicated big fish angler is putting a massive effort in terms of bait, time and money chasing their ultimate carp, then it makes sense to use the very sharpest hooks money can buy. You only have to touch the point on these hooks to realise they are something VERY special and unique.

The outrageously sharp points are sheathed with a rubber cap to protect them whilst they are in the packaging, to ensure they arrive to you in A1 condition.

Using Specialized Sharpened hooks will inevitably elevate the efficiency of any rig allowing it to take hold and then penetrate faster. If your rig worked well before, then incorporating a Specialist Sharpened Gardner hook will inevitably make it work even better!

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